2018 17 Month Planners and Agendas Students, Entrepreneurs, Women Will Love!

One of the smartest things I have ever done for myself and for my business is to use a planner. I used to rely on writing notes on a piece of paper, my memory, and my not-so-trusty iPhone! A few years ago I made the wise decision to start using a planner and it’s made all the difference in the world. There are times I book interviews, meetings, events, blog posts a month in advance, so I rely on my planner/agenda to keep me organized. As someone who hasn’t the best luck with technology, it helps me so much to have everything written down in one designated planner which I have at my desk since I work from home. 17 month planners have become my new favorite. I usually do two “planner posts” a year – today I’m sharing 2018 17 month planners and agendas, and in November or December I’ll share 12 month planners. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find 12 month planners later on in the year. It’s nearly impossible. 17 month planners have really gained popularity in recent years!

Since many of you are either heading to college, a new career, making plans for your job, your children’s education and more, today I’m excited to share a few must have 2018 17 month planners and agenda you’ll love by some of the top designers in the industry! I’m excited to share as many agendas/planners as possible to help you find the one that’s perfect for YOU! Happy planning 🙂

2018 17 Month Planners and Agendas Students, Entrepreneurs Will Love!


Fab floral print 2018 17 month planners and agendas you’ll love!

Obsessed with this Ban.Do rose parade floral print planner. I just haven’t decided if I want it in medium size or the large. Love the turquoise background, and light pink roses.





















Lilly Pulitzer 2018 17 month planners and agendas are a must for women of all ages from grade school to college, and well beyond! These stunning planners/agendas are incredibly popular. They’re so popular that many people preorder them in advance. Here are just a few you’ll adore. Be sure to check out the Lilly Pulitzer website for even more!











Flamingos are such a hot trend these days! This Lilly Pulitzer flamenco planner is a must for the trendsetter and of course the flamingo lover.





If you love to do lists as much as I do, and feel accomplished every time you cross that item you’ve been dreading off of your list, you are going to LOVE this Lilly Pulitzer to do planner! Isn’t it pretty? Can’t wait to add this to my organized girl boss arsenal.



Classic solid color 2018 17 month planners and agendas for women of all ages:






Fun 2018 17 month planners in a variety of styles:









Palm print is one of the hottest prints/trends this season! How perfect is this leaf planner? It’s trendy, fun and less than $15!



How cute is this kate spade ‘She’s always fashionably late’ 2018 large planner?! So fun and perfect for fashion lovers.



This mega kate spade planner also comes in dahlia print!




If you’re searching for a medium size planner, this fun kate spade planner comes in many different styles!


















The perfect bridal planner for the mom-to-be!

KATE SPADE NEW YORK happily ever after bridal planner white Images taken by the team Greg Lowe and David Turek

KATE SPADE NEW YORK happily ever after bridal planner white (Images taken by the team Greg Lowe and David Turek)



These desk calendars a must and will definitely keep you organized.



This weekly meal planner will help you stay healthy and on track this year!




If decorating your planner helps keep you inspired, motivated, and organized – you’ll love these stickers by Ban.do!






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