Trendy Lace Dresses for Baby Girls for Summer, Wedding Guest Season!

Are you shopping for a pretty lace dress for your baby girl just in time for a family celebration, graduation party, wedding and more? If so, you’re in luck! There are so many beautiful lace dresses for baby girls this season, it’s unbelievable. Some of them are very affordable too!

I was recently asked by a reader┬áto share a few trendy lace dresses for baby girls just in time for summer, and today I thought I’d share a few favorites you’re sure to love in a variety of colors, styles and price ranges!


Pretty lace dresses for baby girls for summer, wedding guest season!

























































The cutest little white lace dresses for baby girls












Fun print dresses for baby girls with lace trim:






The cutest Lilly Pulitzer lace dresses for baby girls!







You can also shop these gorgeous lace dresses for baby girls for spring, summer and wedding guest season in the boutique widget!




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