Glam White Desks For Your Home Office

As an entrepreneur, small business owner and lover of chic furniture and decor, I can’t tell you how inspired I am by glam home offices. I bought a new desk which I’m absolutely obsessed with, and in the next few weeks will have my floors installed. There’s nothing more motivating than working in an area that inspires you! I’ve been perusing Instagram, Pinterest and my favorite home decor magazines searching for inspiration and have to tell you I’m all about a glam white desk. Don’t get me wrong, my love for mirrored desks is still as strong as ever, but if you’re searching for a desk that’s practical and will clean easily, a fab white desk is a must!

Since glam white desks are so popular these days and are perfect for any home (or home office!) today, I’m excited to share a few fab white desks you’re sure to love for years to come.

25 Glam White Desks You’ll Love For Your Home Office!


Stunning modern glam white desks:



This gorgeous modern white lacquered desk is absolute perfection! It’s a must for women of all ages, especially that budding fashion blogger. Love that it’s affordable too. It’s a definite win-win!





















































Obsessed with glam white desks and gold hardware!







How perfect is this x-shaped campaign desk? LOVE!




If you love Parisian inspired decor, you will adore this French Heritage white and gold desk:






How exquisite is this vintage white secretary desk from the 1950s? It would look fabulous in any room of your home! This has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture ever.





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