22 Trendy Raincoats For Winter and Spring 2017!

When you live in California, it’s hard to know when you’ll need a raincoat! After living through one of the worst droughts the state has ever experienced, I’ve become accustomed to just relying on my trusty jacket and Hunter boots in case we get a shower or two. A few days ago we got word that we’d soon be getting so much rain that we might flood, and they were right. Last night we weren’t sure if we’d have to evacuate it was so bad. After braving the storm I quickly learned that my trusty coat just wasn’t going to cut it, I should have invested in a raincoat! Thankfully, I learned my lesson and started searching for raincoats!

I found quite a few trendy raincoats that are not only durable but are on trend for winter and spring! Since the rainy season is projected to last quite a few more months across the country from the west coast to the midwest and east coast too, I’m happy to share a few must have raincoats you’ll love in a variety of styles, colors and price ranges that are perfect for the office, for church, date night, or just to take your beloved dog out.

Trendy Raincoats Perfect For Winter 2017 and Spring Too!


Fab water resistant Burberry brit parka:



Like many of you, I’m obsessed with The North Face! They make the comfiest, coziest jackets on the planet. These best selling The North Face raincoats are a must!










This must have water repellent trench coat is not only chic, but it will keep you dry during these rainy winter and spring months! It would look fab paired with your favorite dress!























I own two Pendleton coats and LOVE them! Pendleton designs amazing jackets/coats at affordable prices:






















Fab maxi length raincoats:







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