Trendy 2017 12 Month Planners and Agendas You’ll Love!

Shopping for the perfect 2017 12 month agenda/planner can be difficult these days, it seems many retailers and designers are moving toward 17 month planners. As someone who is no longer a student, 12 month planners are a must for me. They keep me organized in business and in life! As a small business owner, my planner is EVERYTHING! I have many clients, and as soon as I book a project or an interview, it goes straight into my planner. If I don’t, I’m liable to overbook and who needs that?! It’s also a great way to keep my dogs vet appointments in check, and reminds me when I have free time (hopefully soon.) 🙂

Since I know many of you are also shopping for 12 month planners and agendas, today I thought I’d feature a few trendy 2017 12 month planners and agendas you’re sure to love in a variety of styles, colors, prints and price ranges from some of your favorite designers!



20 Trendy 2017 12 Month Planners and Agendas You’ll Love!


Kate Spade planners are one of my favorites! It’s great to see that the planner I used in 2015  is still available! Love that black and white polka dot print. Kate Spade planners are durable and very functional, I highly recommend them. Here are a few must have Kate Spade 2017 12 month planners and agendas you’ll enjoy!










Lilly Pulitzer 2017 12 month agendas are so much fun! Lilly’s 17 months agendas are as popular as ever with students and parents. I can’t wait to check out these 2017 12 month agendas/planners:






I’m definitely leaning toward this blush pink agenda by Rifle Paper Co. this year!















Obsessed with this Chanel agenda!






These trendy 2017 12 month planners and agendas are under $11!












Pineapple print is so popular these days, and I just found this must have pineapple pattern planner on the Minted website! PS: They have tons of other trendy prints on the site as well. Be sure to check them out!













Gigi New York planners are a fashion blogger favorite! They come in a variety of styles and colors. Love them all!

















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