Watch Good Housekeeping’s Top Holiday Toys For Kids On The Today Show Video

Can you believe the holiday season is quickly approaching? I can’t either! With just a little over a month until Black Friday and 72 days until Christmas, now is the time to get a head start on your holiday shopping…especially for toys for the kids which seem to sell out almost immediately. This morning on the Today show, Good Housekeeping’s executive editor, Meaghan Murphy stopped by to share the top holiday toys and gifts for every kid on your list this holiday season! Did you catch the segment? We have the video segment for you below! I’ve linked up to a few of the toys below.


  • Hatchimals are one of the most popular gifts on the market already! According to Meaghan Murphy, they were released last week and “are already out of stock at most places.” “They’re creatures that hatch out of a magical egg and they respond to touch. The more you love them and touch them, the quicker they come out of their shell.” This is such a cute gift idea! They’re currently out of stock on Amazon, but according to the website if you order it now, they will deliver once it’s available.



  • Shopkins Chef Club Season 6. If you have kids, nieces, nephews or little cousins, you know how popular Shopkins are! Meaghan mentioned that Shopkins Chef Club Season 6 was recently released, and it’s as popular as ever. There is even a QR code on the bottom and they come to life. These sets are super affordable too, which is fantastic.




The Cozmo by Anki robot is set to be another must have gift for kids this holiday season! According to Meaghan, this robot was created by Pixar and DreamWorks and will actually know you – he’ll recognize your face, and start to say your name! Cozmo by Anki retails at $180 and will be released on Amazon on October 16th. They have a pre-order price guarantee, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested in this fun and interactive toy for kids.



  • 3Doodler Start. It’s no secret that kids love art projects! I may not have kids, but I was once a kid and I know how much I looked forward to anything art related. The 3Doodler Start is a Good Housekeeping toy test award winner! This is one amazing toy you have to see to believe. You can create so many great 3D items, I have a feeling many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will be playing along with this toy over the holidays as well.




  • My Little Pony Crystal Empire! Like many of you, I grew up playing with My Little Pony and it’s so exciting to see that it’s just as popular as ever. One items on many kids holiday wish lists will definitely be the My Little Pony Crystal Empire. Meaghan mentioned that this toy is on the Amazon Hot Holiday Toy List today, so “it’s going to be hard to get”.




  • Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Batcave. This is one castle you have to see to believe! It’s huge. As of 10:20 AM PST there is only one in stock, so this is definitely going to be one popular toy for the holiday season. Be sure to watch the video below to hear her great tips on how to score the hottest holiday gifts now, and why NOW is such a crucial time to shop for them.









Skylanders Imaginators! I’ve interviewed some of the top toy experts over the years, and there’s always one Skylanders toy that makes the list year after year – it’s that popular. According to Meaghan, this Skylanders Imaginators game will not be released until Sunday, and it’s sure to be a huge hit.



  • Tesla Mini by Radio Flyer! This is one car you have to see to believe. This amazing car for kids even has a sound system. This is such a cool gift. It’s pretty pricey, but if you’re looking for an electric kids car for your boy or girl to stroll around the yard in, this would be a fun one!




Video: Watch Good Housekeeping executive editor Meaghan Murphy share the hottest holiday toys for 2016 with Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly on the Thursday, October 13, 2016 episode of the Today show. *** If you have any questions or comments about the toys, the segment below or the Today show itself, please contact them directly on their website as I am not affiliated with the show. Thank you!




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