Toy Insider Dishes The Top Christmas Toys for Kids for 2016 On Today Show Video

With the holiday season just a few short months away, now is the time to shop for the hottest Christmas toys before they sell out! Renowned toy expert Laurie Schact aka The Toy Insider stopped by the Today show this morning to dish on the top Christmas toys for 2016. Did you happen to watch? I was not surprised to see Elmo on this list! We embedded the Today show video below and even linked up to a few popular toys as well! Please sure to scroll down for details.


  • Love2Learn Elmo! Kids just love Elmo of Sesame Street don’t they? Many of us grew up watching him when we were little, and it’s exciting to see that he’s still as popular as ever with the younger generation! Love2Learn Elmo can be customized, and according to Laurie he can even learn your child’s name, favorite colors, favorite food. How cute is that? Your little guy or girl is going to be thrilled! He’ll even praise your child when he or she brushes her teeth, completes a task, etc. Love that! Love2Learn Elmo is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon.





  • Next on the top Christmas toys list for kids is Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace. Can you believe it’s four feet long? According to the Toy Insider there are “smart points all over, and when you put them on a smart point, they come to life! They talk, they sing.”




  • The Crayola Super Duper Art Studio made the top Christmas toys list as well! It has a desk, a blackboard, clips to hang paper, a whiteboard, and it’s magnetic too! This is perfect little art studio for kids of all ages.




  • Simon Air! We all loved the classic Simon game when we were kids, and it’s exciting to see that they came out with a new version for 2016! You no longer have to touch the colors, it’s all done in the air. Be sure to check out the Toy Insider’s demonstration below for details.




  • Yflyer scooter. You actually have to pedal to move this scooter! Talk about a great workout. I think plenty of moms and dads will be trying this toy out as well.



  • The Hot Wheels Sky Shock is another great toy/gift for Christmas 2016! According to Al Roker, it’s like an RC car but if you’ve got enough room it actually flies like a drone, almost.” You definitely have to check out this toy below. I have never seen anything like it, especially at the price (under $65!).



  • It’s no secret kids love pets and they love robots (who doesn’t???!) and today, Laurie Schact shared CHiP, an interactive robotic pet (dog). Be sure to check out the video below to see how many different ways you can control CHiP!



Video: Watch The Toy Insider Laurie Schact share the top Christmas toys for 2016 with Today’s Take co-hosts Al Roker, Billy Bush and Tamron Hall on the Wednesday, September 21, 2016 episode. *** If you have any questions or comments about the toys, the segment below or the Today show itself, please contact them directly on their website as I am not affiliated with the show. Thank you!




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