2016 Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale: Extra 15% Off Patio Furniture, Outdoor Dining Tables and More for Summer!


Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale: Save an additional 15% off patio furniture!



One of the many things I love about working from home is getting to enjoy the outdoors while plugging away on my trusty laptop. With the temps hitting well over 100 degrees this week, I have been making a point of getting up early just so I can sit outside to work/enjoy egrets relaxing in my weeping willow tree, smell the beautiful roses in my yard, and throw my dog Fred’s toy while I type.

Department stores across the country are stocking their shelves with the latest winter wear, and our favorite home decor/furniture stores are giving us deep discounts on the latest outdoor furniture. The Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale is getting even better! Believe it or not, but they’re giving you an additional 15% off the already extremely low sale prices! You can save thousands of dollars on outdoor sectionals, dining tables, chaise lounge chairs and so much more. It might be mid-July/mid-summer but there is still plenty of time to spend outside, especially in the mornings, the evenings and of course on the weekend too for months to come.

If you’re searching for a new patio set, outdoor dining table, sectional, sofa and more, you’re in luck! Here are a few must haves from the Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale happening now. PS: To save an extra 15% off on Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture, please use coupon code: OUTDOOR15.

Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale: Save An Extra 15% Off Sale Patio Furniture, Sectionals, Dining Tables and More!



Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale! Save an extra 15% off wicker sectionals:










































This gorgeous Pottery Barn sectional was crafted with sustainably harvested mahogany and eucalyptus certified by the Forest Stewardship Council:
















Gorgeous Pottery Barn Outdoor Sofas! There are so many to choose from, it was hard to just pick a few!!!


































Love classic adirondack chairs, especially these eco-friendly Pottery Barn beauties on sale! PS: They come in red, black and white:






Beautiful Pottery Barn benches majorly on sale!









Loving the patio furniture at the Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale, especially these gorgeous chaise lounge chairs at an extra 15% off:



















Obsessed with this dreamy outdoor daybed!




Pottery Barn Dining Tables, Bars, Buffets and Furniture on deep discount!







This outdoor buffet hutch is perfect for summer and fall entertaining!












































These are just a few of the gorgeous outdoor dining tables, outdoor sectionals, sofas, cushions, chaise lounge chairs and more that you can save thousands of dollars on at the 2016 Pottery Barn Outdoor Furniture Sale! Be sure to head over to the Pottery Barn website to save an extra 15% on these items and many more!!!





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