Gorgeous Birdbaths For Your Garden, Patio and Yard This Summer

Thanks to my mom and grandma, I was raised with beautiful flowers! My grandma had a gorgeous garden in town, and my mom and I have a flower farm on her property where we have garden roses, dahlias, sweet peas, and more. After my grandma passed away on October 31, 2015 my mom and I planted a beautiful garden with spring bulbs in her honor. This year I want to create a beautiful sanctuary for her with an arch, and a birdbath since she also loved birds. I started doing some research online and was able to find quite a beautiful birdbaths in a variety of price ranges that I absolutely love and wanted to share with you as well, in case you’re interested in a new birdbath for your yard, garden or patio. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as spending time in the outdoors one with nature!



Gorgeous birdbaths for your garden, yard, lawn and patio this summer




In love with this beautiful Antique French birdbath:
















Beautiful “My Heart Is In The Garden” birdbath for your garden sanctuary!






This elegant ResinStone birdbath comes in a variety of colors/finishes:



This beautiful low birdbath is perfect for a stone wall:




I’m loving this trendy pineapple cast stone birdbath for summer 2016. It comes in a variety of finishes so you can personalize it for your yard and to your liking.



I love this classic cast stone bird bath!








Beyond gorgeous angel birdbath!













I adore this fountain with daisies. My grandma’s name is Margarita which means Daisy in Spanish, so I’m especially loving this one!










This stunning large birdbath can be personalized with the finish of your choice. There are so many to choose from, it’s amazing.































The perfect vineyard birdbath for wine lovers and those of us in rural areas who are surrounded by vineyards! Love this one:







Lovely birdbaths with fountains!



Must have solar birdbaths with fountains:










This beautiful heated birdbath is perfect for those who live in chilly areas:








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