2017 17 Month Agendas and Planners for High School, College Students, and Fashion Lovers!

If there’s one thing I rely on more than my smartphone and trusty Macbook laptop, it’s definitely my agenda/planner. I don’t know how I could ever live without it. My agenda keeps me organized, lets me know when I have interviews, meetings, classes, webinars, important phone calls, and I make sure to include every blog idea I have for the week in mine. I really wish I’d made the wise decision when I was a student to purchase an agenda/planner, I know I would have been a much better student and definitely more organized. If you’re a high school student, college student or graduate, blogger, entrepreneur, mom or a busy workaholic like myself who relies heavily on her planner (or looking to become more organized), you’ll be excited to know that the new 2016-2017 17 Month planners (August 2016 to December 31, 2017) are available for purchase. PS: If you love Lilly Pulitzer 17 month agendas, you’ll be happy to know they’re now available for pre-order! I’ve included quite a few below.

If you’re searching for the perfect 2016 – 2017 17  month agendas or planners for high school students, college students, fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc. you’re in luck! Here are a few must have 2017 17 month agendas and planners you’ll love and will keep you organized and less-stressed this year! PS: I will make sure to add more planners as they are released.


Trendy 2016 – 2017 17 Month Agendas and Planners for High School Students, College Students, Fashion Lovers and More!



Must have Lilly Pulitzer 2016-2017 17 Month Agendas and Planners! PS: There are quite a few more on their website, be sure to check them out!





































I LOVE Kate Spade agendas and planners! These trendy 2017 17 month planners are an absolute must!!!

Gorgeous floral print 17 month oversize agenda!



Chic black and white stripe kate spade 2017 17 month oversize agenda:



Glam gold and white polka dot 17 month 2016-2017 oversize agenda!



These fun kate spade agendas also come in large size! Here are a few of my favorites:












If you’re looking for a smaller version, Ms. Kate Spade offers the black and white stripe agenda and gold caning agenda in medium size!




Trendy 2017 17 month agendas and planners in a variety of styles for fashion lovers!











Live your life “One Day At A Time” from August 2016 to December 31, 2017!





I made the wise choice to buy a Day Designer planner for 2016 and I’m obsessed with it! There’s more than enough room to plan my day, weeks and months! PS: This one is a 12 month planner and goes from June 2016 to May 2017.








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