Pink Running Shoes and Sneakers On Trend For Summer 2016!




I’ve come to the realization that I’m hooked on pink running shoes. I bought a pair of pastel pink running shoes a few months ago, and purchased a pair of hot pink running shoes for my mom’s birthday last week (I may have borrowed them since!). It seems as though my friends on Instagram feel the same way I do about pink running shoes – they’re a must for late spring, summer and will definitely motivate you all year long.

If you’re shopping for a fun pair of pink running shoes or pink sneakers for summer, you’re in luck! Here are a few pink sneakers and running shoes I’m loving for summer!


Trendy pink running shoes and sneakers that will inspire you to get fit this summer!






Leopard print and pink running shoes are always a must!



Here are a few fun super trendy pink running shoes for spring and summer! 

You can never have enough pink! PS: This is coming from a girl who was obsessed with purple as a kid. Am I growing up? 😉


Fun bright pink running shoes!



I have a feeling these pretty sneakers are coming home with me!




If you were a kid in the 90s, you loved your Nike Air Max sneakers (I did too!). So glad Nike revived this popular trend:



Love these hot pink running shoes I bought my mom for her birthday! So obsessed with these fluorescent pink shoes. I may have actually bought a new pair of running shorts after trying on these comfy shoes….and I may have borrowed her new shoes without asking! 😉 Daughter of the year, right here! Haha



This trendy pair is under $100! There are only a few sizes left though:








So obsessed with my light pink Nike running shoes! I’ve had them for a few months and they’re still a must. I love the black laces. Not only are they trendy but super easy to clean with this cleaner. I wear them nightly on my walks with my dog in a field across the street from my house. By the time I get home they’re filthy, but I kid you not this cleaner gets the shoes and the soles looking brand new in a matter of seconds.









Pink sneakers for late spring and summer (or in my case, year round!):

I’ve fallen in love with New Balance sneakers, they’re so trendy! I’ve been shopping for the perfect pair/color since they come in so many different shades. Loving this pastel “shell pink” shade. Don’t you?! PS: Check out the popsicle print inside the shoe – another hot trend for 2016!










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