Trendy Cinco de Mayo Mexican Inspired Home Decor Items You’ll Love All Year!

Growing up in a Mexican household I was blessed to have delicious tamales, tostadas, tacos de nopales (cactus tacos), guacamole, enchiladas, sopa de arroz (and more) pretty frequently thanks to my amazing mom and grandmother. I love that cactus (nopales) decor is really trendy, especially this year as it reminds me of my grandmother who passed away six months ago. With Cinco de Mayo just a little over a week away, I thought I’d feature a few trendy Cinco de Mayo Mexican inspired home decor items that are not only perfect for your fiesta next week, but that you can decorate your home with all yearlong! Here are a few must have home decor favorites I’m loving!


Trendy Cinco de Mayo Mexican inspired home decor items you’ll love 12 months out of the year!



Must have cactus home decor items

Love this cactus banner!



Everyone needs cactus string lights!












I found these fun mini pinatas that are perfect for the Cinco de Mayo! You can also decorate your home with them or use them as Instagram props this summer!









Every fiesta needs an accordion!






Pillows for Cinco de Mayo:

The first song my grandpa taught me when I was little was “Cielito Lindo”, so when I stumbled on this pillow of a trumpet player and the lyric “Ay, Yai, Yai, Yai, Canta Y No Llores”, I knew I had to have it. I ordered it last week and it arrived within a few days. It’s very durable and the graphic is perfect. I plan on having this out 12 months out of the year. Love it! I’ll definitely feature it on Instagram in the next week.



This Cactus Love pillow is coming home with me next! Love me some nopales <3



La Loteria aka Mexican bingo was my favorite game to play as a kid (still is)! I love this pillow, and not just because it’s my name, my mom’s name or my favorite flower! 🙂







Kitchen must haves for Cinco de Mayo!

Fun Margarita glass, sombrero, nopales, chile cookie cutters y mas!


Love these cacti cupcake toppers!



Tacos can get kind of messy, so these taco proper holders are a must (just don’t tell my grandma)! 😉



How fun is this taco grill rack?! It’ll leave your tacos with cactus grill marks.






This plate isn’t Mexican inspired, but if you’re throwing a party, it’s a must!There’s room for your food and your beer. It’s a win-win!






These fun ice cream molds aren’t Mexican inspired, but I bought them and I’m going to make paletas with them!







Love these mugs! They are perfect for Cinco de Mayo and anyone who has fond memories of playing La Loteria with their familia when they were a kid.









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