Trendy Sweatpants You’ll Love for Spring

It’s a chilly, rainy El Nino spring day here in Northern California. I’m snuggled up in my favorites sweats drinking an apple cider vinegar, water and honey concoction (thanks to my first sore throat in years)! As much as I wish I felt like getting up and getting dressed, lounging in my favorite sweatpants and Ugg boots are a must on days like today! Don’t you just love sweatpants that are cozy enough to wear around the house but are “dressy enough” to run errands in? I know I do! You can pair them with your Ugg boots, Tory Burch Miller sandals, favorite Nike or New Balance sneakers and more.

If you’re searching for a trendy pair of sweatpants for spring, you’re in luck. I scoured the net this morning and found a few must have trendy sweatpants you’ll love this season and beyond!


Trendy sweatpants for women this spring!



So in love with these leopard print sweatpants!



Everyone needs a classic pair of black sweatpants!



Pineapples are still a must for spring 2016, especially these trendy pineapple sweatpants for spring!




But first, coffee….













Fun palm tree print sweatpants in sea foam green for spring!









Comfy Nike fleece sweatpants!























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