Today’s Homeowner’s Danny Lipford Shares Spring DIY Home Improvement Tips!

With spring nearly officially here, now is the time to start cleaning, organizing and fixing up your home for the season. Renowned home improvement expert and Today’s Homeowner show host, Danny Lipford joined me for an interview this week to share simple DIY projects you can work on around the house, and one project you need to save for the professionals. Be sure to watch the video below for details!


Today's Homeowner Danny Lipford joined Candace Rose for an interview to share DIY home improvement tips for spring 2016.

Today’s Homeowner Danny Lipford joined Candace Rose for an interview to share DIY home improvement tips for spring 2016.

Candace Rose: What are some of the most important DIY projects homeowners must work on this spring?

Danny Lipford: “This time of the year you’ll get a lot of advice from your friends and neighbors on what you should do at your home, well this is our advice: go to to check out our spring checklist, part of our four seasons of homeownership. You’ll find a list there that has three different parts in it – one of the lists is the top 10 things that are the essential things that you really need to be doing right now. The good news is your investment is only going to be one day and only about $100. It has various things on it like cleaning your rain gutters, repairing any torn window screens” (and more). Please see video above for details!

Danny Lipford: “One of the things that ‘if time and budget allow’ that we did recently at this homeowner’s house is empowered this homeowner with a pressure washer and she absolutely loved it. She completely changed a very dirty sidewalk and patio into a very warm and welcoming area by using her Generac pressure washer that we provided her. This brand new (that’s not even on the market yet) is called the Generac 3100 PowerDial Gun.” Please see video above to see Danny discuss this pressure washer in more detail and to see more ways you can use it around your home.


Candace Rose: What should we focus on once things are nice and clean?

Danny Lipford: “What you’ll find once everything is clean, especially when you get out and really start interacting with your yard is you’ll find some things that maybe are out of date that need to be replaced, and that’s the case with the carriage light we had here on the corner of the patio. It was oxidizing, it had a little damage on the top, it was just obsolete. Instead of sanding it and cleaning it and painting it like we recommend a lot of times, we suggested replacing it. They were able to go to Lamps Plus and buy the carriage light very inexpensively.” Please see video above for more details on this particular carriage light, and how installing this light made this house safer for the homeowner and for guests.


Candace Rose: Are there any other inexpensive repairs and improvements we can do ourselves?

Danny Lipford: “Certainly when you get out and start looking around you realize you’ve got a lot of wood around your house- you have fencing, you have gates, you have shutters, you have siding. A lot of times you’ll find they need a little repair. That’s exactly what happened when we pressure washed this nice wood adirondack chair. We found out there was a split on one of the support areas that needed a little work. Instead of putting a screw or nail there that may fail later, we put a very good high quality exterior glue from Titebond – it’s called Titebond III The Ultimate Wood Glue. That bounded together really well. We put a clamp on it after one night and it was perfectly good, ready for spring and summer of relaxation. We were also able to repair an interior plantation shutter.” Please see more video above for more information on how Danny made these repairs with Titebond!


Candace Rose: What are some projects we should leave to the professionals?

Danny Lipford: “These are a lot of do it yourself things, but one thing you really want the professionals to take care of, and this is an excellent time of the year to have this done, and that’s having your air conditioning system serviced. They’ll come out, they’re professionals, they’ll calibrate, they’ll make sure it’s working efficiently. They’ll clean it well, and the end result is the equipment will end up lasting you a lot longer and also it’ll be less expensive to operate, saving you money during the hot summer ahead.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Danny Lipford: “We’d love everybody to drop by our website and download this great list that we put together for you, and it’s at Not only can you download the list, you can see videos on everything that we have on here, read thousands of articles all in a way that we want to help you have the best looking house on the block.”


Sponsored by Generac, Lamps Plus & Titebond. Candace Rose was not compensated by any sponsors for this interview.


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