Moroccan Wedding Blankets, Pillows and Home Decor Must Haves

Like many of you, I’ve long been a fan of glamorous Moroccan wedding blankets. These blankets can be very expensive since they’re handmade/handwoven. As someone who has hand-knit scarves from time to time and witnessed my grandmother create gorgeous embroidered pillows, I know how time consuming it can be and have such an appreciation for anyone who makes anything by hand. I don’t believe they’re ever paid enough for the amount of work that goes into these gorgeous and unique items!

It used to be difficult to find Moroccan wedding blanket items online, but since they’ve grown in popularity over the years, it’s become much easier! I must admit I love the gorgeous vintage Moroccan wedding blankets and pillows available at One Kings Lane and on Etsy (there are thousands to choose from here!) but they can be quite pricey since they are all handmade and handwoven. If you’re on a budget, AnthropologiePottery Barn and a few other retailers have started featuring less expensive Moroccan wedding blanket home decor items. I’m obsessed with all of them!

If you’re looking to glam up your space with a fabulous Moroccan wedding blanket, Moroccan wedding pillow, Moroccan wedding rug, pouf or even a laundry basket…you’re in luck! Here are a few gorgeous Moroccan Wedding Blankets and home decor items you’ll love in a variety of price ranges!

Gorgeous Moroccan wedding blankets and home decor must have items for 2016


Obsessed with this gorgeous handmade vintage Moroccan wedding blanket! It’s majorly on sale too at over 60% off!!!




















Beyond gorgeous Moroccan wedding blanket with pink detail. OBSESSED!




















Beautiful extremely cost effective Moroccan wedding throw!



Gorgeous Moroccan Wedding Blanket pillows































Moroccan Wedding Blanket Home Decor!

I am so in love with this Moroccan Wedding basket! It’s perfect for your dirty laundry, to store your winter blankets. You could even use to store your kids or dogs toys! The options truly are endless. I bought it and use it for a hamper. It’s the prettiest hamper I’ve ever had. 🙂












Glam Moroccan wedding rug for your bedroom, living room or favorite room in your home!




Vintage White Berber Wedding Berber Blanket 3x5 Moroccan Rug (Beniouraincarpets)

Vintage White Berber Wedding Berber Blanket 3×5 Moroccan Rug (Beniouraincarpets)



In love with this affordable new 3′ x 5′ Moroccan wedding rug:




This beautiful Moroccan wedding inspired rug is less than $70!





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