Tech Expert Mario Armstrong Shares Ultimate Gifts for Gamers

Do you have a gamer on your shopping list, but aren’t sure what to buy him or her? If so, you’re in luck! Renowned tech expert Mario Armstrong joined me for an interview this morning to dish on his top gifts for every game on your list.


Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on his ultimate gifts for gamers!

Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on his ultimate gifts for gamers!



Candace Rose: Do you have anything new and exciting for Xbox One?

Mario Armstrong: “As you know, Candace gamers are hard to shop for because they’re informed and pretty picky people. One thing to keep in mind when you are shopping, make sure you’re looking for that AMD processor because that’s the engine that runs these systems. You’ve got to have a really strong engine in order to have a great gaming experience. Whether that’s enabling HD streaming or just having a superb gaming experience, the AMD processor has you covered across the board.

They’ve done a lot of innovation and have some cool features. Every major gaming console is using AMD technology including Microsoft Xbox One, which is awesome. (Be sure to watch the video above to see Mario demonstrate what it looks like on the Lego Batman game).

The Xbox One costs about $400. You can find it at Microsoft, as well as your local retailers. What’s best of all with AMD and Xbox Live, you can take any game with you on to another Windows 10 device. What I mean is if someone is playing a game on TV, they can pause that game and seamlessly move it over to a Windows 10 tablet or a Windows 10 laptop or a desktop and resume playing where they left off.”


Candace Rose: What’s new in laptops that gamers will love?

Mario Armstrong: “Laptops have come a long way. It used to be that you used to just have a desktop – the gaming console or a desktop if you really wanted to have a really good gaming experience, but laptops have come a long way. This one is going to blow you away with the price once you hear what’s inside of the HP Pavilion 15Z Touch (please see video above for details). This device has two terabytes of storage, tons of colors, 6th generation A10 processor in it, Windows 10 Pro is also inside of it, brilliant radeon graphics and it’s touchscreen. It’s all for only $420. That’s a really great deal for a 15 inch screen size. This can do great graphic design, video editing.”


Candace Rose: What’s the ultimate desktop for gamers?

Mario Armstrong: “The Lenovo Erazer X315. This desktop is super powerful for both gaming and graphics. It’s powered by AMD’s FX series processor. If you look that up, you’ll see that is a very fast high end processor, so no glitching, no pausing, no buffering problems. The other thing is the graphics are important. This comes with the Radeon R9 360 graphics which help it to look incredible. It has two gigs of dedicated video memory. That dedicated video memory means the game is really going to have that much more stunning clarity because it’s got that memory built in for the game. That’s really going to create an awesome gaming experience. This starts at about $699. You can find this by going to Lenovo’s website or by checking out your local retailer.”


Candace Rose: Thank you Mario! Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “Head to for their website. They have a lot of stuff listed there. If you need a quick answer to any of your questions, I can do that right on Twitter @Mario Armstrong. You can find me on Facebook as well.


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