Luxury Expert Kristen Trustey Talks Holiday Gifts, Diamond Jewelry and Engagement Ring Trends

When it comes to holiday gifts for women, you can’t go wrong with jewelry, especially diamonds. With the festive holiday season nearly officially upon us and engagement season here, luxury expert Kristen Trustey joined me for an interview to dish on the top diamond jewelry gift ideas and the most popular engagement ring trends too.



Luxury expert Kristen Trustey joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top holiday diamond jewelry gift ideas and popular engagement ring trends.

Luxury expert Kristen Trustey joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top holiday diamond jewelry gift ideas and popular engagement ring trends too.




Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the relaunch of the slogan and #TheOne campaign, and the connection between the journey of finding true love and finding the perfect diamond?

Kristen Trustey: This holiday season it’s all about finding the one, the one person that you want to share your life with and also that one perfect holiday gift.”

Candace Rose: What are they key things people look for when purchasing diamond jewelry today?

Kristen Trustey: “When purchasing diamond jewelry most people know about the 4 C’s – that’s cut, clarity, color and carat. At Forevermark we do your homework for you. We go above and beyond the 4 C’s to select the top one percent highest quality of the world’s diamonds and then we inscribe them with a unique inscription number symbolizing that they’re beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.”

Candace Rose: What are some unique pieces when gifting romantically this holiday season?

Kristen Trustey: “For this holiday season it’s important to remember that a diamond is forever. These are unique heirloom pieces that are going to be passed down through your family for generations so it’s best to stick to the classics like a solitaire necklace. A solitaire necklace is an absolutely perfect accessory. It looks great paired with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up with a little black dress for that holiday party.

Next we have a diamond tennis bracelet. This is another go-to classic, it’s elegant, it wraps around the wrist. It’s chic and it belongs in every woman’s jewelry box.

Candace, I’m really excited to tell you about this next product, it is the Ever Us two stone ring and it’s brand new, the new classic. It’s two diamonds side by side representing both the love and friendship in your relationship.

Finally, let’s not forget about the classic stud earring. What woman wouldn’t want to find these under her tree? Once she puts them on she’s never going to take them off.”

Candace Rose: This is the most popular time of year for engagement. What types of rings are being chosen and how are they different from previous generations?

Kristen Trustey: “The holidays are the perfect time to pop the question. It’s a super festive time and everyone’s family is together, so why not? Still the most popular style is the round solitaire engagement ring. It’s totally classic and timeless and it’s never going to go out of style which is something to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring. With that being said, a lot of brides these days want something that’s a little bit unique to them and reflects their own personal style, so think classic with a twist. If it is a solitaire ring, maybe it is an interesting shape like a pear or an oval or an emerald cut, and those are called fancy cuts.

Also, brides are looking for unique metals like rose gold or a yellow gold rather than the traditional white gold.”

Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much Kristen! Where can we go for more information?

Kristen Trustey: “I always say when you’re purchasing a diamond the most important thing is to find a jeweler that you can trust. We have hundreds of jewelers across the country and you can find them at”


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