Lifestyle Expert Merilee Kern Shares Hot Holiday Gifts At Affordable Prices

Are you searching for a great holiday gift at an even better price? If so, you’re in luck! Renowned lifestyle expert Merilee Kern joined me for an interview this morning to dish on hot holiday gifts everyone on your list will absolutely adore at affordable prices.


Lifestyle expert Merilee Kern joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on hot holiday gifts at affordable prices.

Lifestyle expert Merilee Kern joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on hot holiday gifts at affordable prices.






Candace Rose: Do you have any advice on how we can pick the right yearend gifts for the people on our shopping lists?

Merilee Kern: “I find the best gifts are those that reflect somebody’s personal interests and lifestyle. But if you don’t know the person very well or just really hard to buy for, a gift card is always a safe bet.”


Candace Rose: What’s hot for the holidays?

Merilee Kern: “Well, adult coloring books are so popular right now with both men and women. They’re on best seller lists and it’s not surprising because many busy adults find activity to be therapeutic and relaxing. It’s even said to promote creativity by letting your mind wander. The best place to get the supplies – Michaels is the headquarter for adult coloring books. They have about 175 titles and all of the supplies that you’ll need like markers, coloring pencils as well as erasers. It’s also cool that Michaels is hosting social meet ups in-store where you can use the supplies free of charge.”


Candace Rose: What’s a hot gift for the men on your list?

Merilee Kern: “Men can be really tricky. In fact research shows men actually get disappointed if they don’t receive an item that they’re really interested in so a practical gift is definitely a safer bet. A really great idea is the Gillette Shave Club is perfect for all of the men on your list. It’ll keep them groomed all yearlong, it’s also affordable. The service starts at less than $50 and they’ll get really high quality items like Gillette shave heads and blade cartridges and handles that are delivers right to his store. Membership has other benefits like grooming tips, as well as free products and coupons and deals, also access to exclusive prizes from sports and entertainment partners like the MLB, NFL and Marvel.”


Candace Rose: What about foodies?

Merilee Kern: “Rold Gold has your perfect snack covered with their limited edition holiday dipped pretzels. There are four flavors – my favorite are the dark dipped bavarian twists. There’s a flavor for everybody.

If you really love that savory and sweet combination, Lays wavy original potato chips are back with their chocolate covered chips. It’s incredible and really pairs America’s favorite chip with chocolate, so who wouldn’t enjoy that?”


Candace Rose: How about an elegant gift?

Merilee Kern: “I would definitely recommend a fine bottle of ultra premium Patron Silver tequila. The limited edition 2015 one liter bottle is so gorgeous. It’s adorned with a pewter label – the iconic Patron tequila bee, it’s amazing. It has a really pretty bottle stopper as well. The extra large one liter size is really great for making those tasty holiday punches for all of your holiday events for the adults of course. You can find that at fine spirit and liquor retailers nationwide.

You can learn about all of the products I covered today at”



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