Trendy 2016 12 Month Planners and Agendas In Every Price Range!

Must have 2016 12 month planners and agendas for entrepreneurs, girl bosses and fashionistas!



My agenda/planner is my lifeline. I don’t know what I would do without it. In fact, the only time you see this entrepreneur panic is when I can’t find my trusty planner. It keeps me focused and organized, especially during the extremely busy holiday season when I have tons upon tons of interviews on EST, CST and PST with different companies. Like so many of you who absolutely love planners and rely on them to remember your daily, weekly and monthly tasks, I prefer mine to showcase my style and the latest trends.

A few months ago I dished on 17 month 2015-2016 planners/agendas for college students, and today I’m excited to feature 2016 12 month planners for those of us who prefer starting a new agenda/planner on January 1st.

Speaking of January 1st, can you believe that the new year is just a few weeks away? I can’t either! Bring on 2016, I’m more than ready for you. 🙂 Here are a few fabulous 2016 12 month planners and agendas you’ll adore! PS: I featured a few 17 month planners too at the bottom as they’re just too gorgeous to pass up.


Glam Gucci 2016 12 month planners!





2016 12 month planners: Trendy kate spade new york planners 

Obsessed with this glam gold kate spade planner!





I purchased this kate spade planner for 2015 and I still love it! If I didn’t already own it, I would purchase it again for 2016.






Must have Lilly Pulitzer 2016 12 month planners




PS: You can’t forget about the Lilly Pulitzer agenda pack!



Classic solid color 2016 12 Month Planners










Love that this planner can be personalized!







In love with these gorgeous vintage designer 12 month planners!










Fun print 2016 12 month planners!

Pineapples are the hottest trend!





Stripes are always a must!






Obsessed with this chic Gigi New York 2016 12 month planner! I love that it can be monogrammed with your initials.



In love with this hot pink python planner!




PS: Here are a few 17 month agendas and planners you’ll love!





























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