Tech Journalist Jennifer Jolly’s Top 6 Practical Holiday Gifts for All Budgets

When it comes to holiday shopping, practical gifts are a must. If you’re still looking for the practical gift for each and every person on your holiday shopping list, you’re in luck! Tech journalist Jennifer Jolly was kind enough to join me for an interview yesterday to share her top 6 practical tech gifts forĀ all budgets.


Tech journalist Jennifer Jolly joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on her top six practical gifts for all budgets this holiday season!

Tech journalist Jennifer Jolly joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on her top six practical gifts for all budgets this holiday season!




Candace Rose: Do you have any creative ideas for buying and selling this holiday season?

Jennifer Jolly: “Well, one really easy unexpected way to fund your holiday shopping this year and kind of your holidays in general is with an app called Close5. This is a super simple way to buy and sell with people around you, so you can find things like brand new iPhones or awesome Christmas sweaters, lots of kitchen gadgets, coffee makers. This is just kind of gently owned, preowned, gently used that people around you might not want or need anymore. Conversely you can do the same, you can get rid of stuff you don’t want or need by just posting a photo. You take a photo, name your price, add a little description. It’s a really safe, really simple way to just make a little extra money and get rid of something that you don’t need, as well as get people gifts on your list.”


Candace Rose: What’s a great gift for a health conscious person?

Jennifer Jolly: “I happen to be wearing a really great gift for a health conscious person – theĀ LifeTrak Brite R450. It’s a clever 24/7 activity tracker that does more than most other fitness trackers on the market today. It estimates your calorie burn based on your heart rate, it monitors light to see whether you’re getting enough sleep, it also tells you when you’ve been sitting or being inactive too long. It shows seven kinds of smartphone notifications, plus you can swim with it on and you never have to recharge it – that’s amazing!”


Candace Rose: What app do you use most during the holidays?

Jennifer Jolly: “I use an app called PayPal. This is something that we’ve all heard of before, but you might not know that that simple app can turn your entire smartphone or tablet into your wallet and make shopping in-store, online and on-the-go crazy fast, simple and secure. It’s really safe! They’ve got robust features, safety and security features so that your purchases are protected from checkout to delivery. Here’s a little insiders secret – you can get up to 40% off at your favorite holiday stores if you go to”


Candace Rose: What do you recommend for dog owners who might have to travel this holiday season?

Jennifer Jolly: “Well, taking a vacation or even spending a long day out marathon shopping at the mall can be really hard on you and your dog and your wallet. For that we have DogVacay. This is another free app or web service. All you have to do is go on there, sign in and it will match you up with more than 20,000 prescreened and insured pet sitters across the United States and Canada. Again, a lot of emphasis on safety, convenience. It’s affordable, all reservations include 24/7 emergency support, vet insurance, daily photo updates. It’s kind of like your dog gets a vacation while you get a vacation too. It really takes a lot of stress away from you when you want your dog safe. No more kennels.”


Candace Rose: What would you consider the best notebook in the galaxy?

Jennifer Jolly: “Well, as you’re eluding to the galaxy far, far away or right here – the Star Wars Special Edition notebook is one of my favorites of the 3700 Star Wars related products that are on the market today because this is really practical. This is out of HP one of the official partners of the new film. It delivers a really immersive experience for fans including this battle worn distressed design, Stormtroopers on the keyboard. You can get access to 1100 images spanning more than 40 years. One of the best parts about this awesome Star Wars notebook is it’s already available. This is one that you can check off your list right now just under $700.”


Candace Rose: Are there any new practical must have gifts?

Jennifer Jolly: “Well, if you’re a busy mom like me, the last thing that you want to have happen during the holiday season is that you get buried under a landslide of laundry. For that there’s an awesome gadget called the SWASH System. It really simplifies your daily clothing care routine. You touch one button and in just under 10 minutes it de-wrinkles, deodorizes, restores the fit that’s often lost after wear and preserves the fabric of your clothes. Forget about all the time you usually spend ironing, forget about running back and forth to the dry cleaners, here’s one more chore that you can just check off your list.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much, Jennifer. Where can we go for more information?

Jennifer Jolly: “You can go to”


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