Tech Expert Mario Armstrong’s Top 5 Holiday Tech Must Haves

The holidays are fast approaching, believe it or not but Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just a few short weeks away. There’s nothing quite as stressful as searching for the perfect gift at the last minute when everything is already picked over! Tech expert, Mario Armstrong joined me for an interview yesterday to dish on his top holiday tech must haves for the entire family and for around the house.


Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the hottest holiday gifts for the entire family.

Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the hottest holiday gifts for the entire family.




Candace Rose: What’s new this holiday season in TVs and laptops?

Mario Armstrong: “Candace it’s like a whole new category is new this season. It’s really cool because I feel like I get to educate people on something new and different, and it’s called OLED technology. You’ll see it a lot, and TV experts are saying this is the best in picture quality. On set with me I have an LG Flat OLED 4K TV. Candace it looks amazing in person, like perfect blacks and that’s important because a lot of times with TVs light gets through those blacks and it kind of doesn’t give it the color or the pop that it really needs. Well, this has really, really deep perfect blacks so the color is gonna pop. The intense detail of the 4K Ultra HD looks amazing on this. It’s just the ultimate picture quality and LG is the only brand that has OLED technology, plus with this TV you also get to use the webOS Smart TV platform. It’s basically their software in their TV that enables you to do cool things like watch television and then quickly switch over to your favorite streaming service like say, Netflix.”


Candace Rose: What would be a cool connected home gift?

Mario Armstrong: “A cool connected home gift? I would say something that gives you convenience and security. I would look at starting at the front door with Schlage. The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is all operated by Bluetooth, so you can take your iOS device, even use Apple HomeKit technology and Siri to interact with your door. You can even use their easy-to-use Schlage Sense app which gives you the ability to see things about your door lock like the activity and status, but also create and delete up to 30 different access codes that you can give to family and friends to be able to get in and out of your home.”
Candace Rose: What do you suggest for younger kids?

Mario Armstrong: “There’s two things – kids are always looking for laptops and tablets. I’m going to start first with a tablet and I’m going to look at LeapFrog. Whenever I think about kids, I go right to thinking about LeapFrog because I love the marriage of education and entertainment that LeapFrog is known for and delivers on all the time. Recently they came out with a study that showed that 90% of parents let their kids use their mobile devices even though they know their kids may bump across some inappropriate content. We want parents to take back their technology and give your kids a safer thing to view, and that’s by using the LeapFrog Epic. This is a tablet that is great for kids ages three to nine and it’s the safest Android based tablet out on the market. Kids can go online no worries, parental controls are built right in parents, you’ll love that. It’s really easy to play, fun home screen, access to all of that awesome exclusive content in the LeapFrog will grow as your kid grows. This is a great device for kids ages three to nine.

On the laptop side of things for kids as well as adults, you want to look at LG’s newest launched premium gram. I love the premium LG gram. Candace this thing weighs only 2.16 pounds. That’s super light, that’s lighter than a MacBook Air. It comes in 13 to 14 inch screen size super sleek lightweight but durable. You can take this with you anywhere. It has high performance too, Windows 10 software built-in, Intel core processor for good fast processing, full HD picture quality and a built-in HDMI port to connect it to your big screen TV, which is my favorite.”


Candace Rose: What would be a great family gift?

Mario Armstrong: “The family needs to know where we’re from, if we have any distant relatives, what are our true origins, how far back do they go?┬áSo, discovery. The best way to do that is to get them an ancestryDNA kit. This is a kit that’s under $100 and basically ancestryDNA is a service that combines the latest in genetic testing with the world’s largest online family history resource. It’s an easy to use test, it’s a simple saliva test that will basically predict your ethnic origins. Over a million people use this, you will end up more than likely finding some distant relatives, maybe some distant cousins that you didn’t know exist. I think that’s super cool for the holidays to be able to find maybe more family that you can connect to. Plus you can use the website which is really neat and then you print some things out. I’m planning on framing a few of those images right off the website. It’s a lot of fun and it’s good to know where your roots are really from.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much Mario. Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “There are two places you can go. You can go right to our shiny website which is or if you want direct access and you want to get a quick answer, you can hit me on Twitter, I’m @MarioArmstrong on Facebook, Twitter and Periscope.”


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