Tech Expert Mario Armstrong Talks Top Holiday Tech Gifts, Apps, Travel and More

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just a little over a week away. If you’re searching for the perfect holiday tech gift for every member of your household, you’re in luck! Tech expert, Mario Armstrong joined me for an interview today to dish on his top holiday tech gifts, favorite apps for travelers and kids who love music, and much more.


Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on his top holiday tech gifts for every member in your household - from travelers, kids who love music, and so much more!

Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on his top holiday tech gifts for every member in your household – from travelers, kids who love music, and so much more!





Candace Rose: What is the hot tech gift this year?

Mario Armstrong: “Candace, there’s quite a few to choose from,¬†and I pulled together five brands that I partnered with. The first one that I would say is really cool that’s out there is by Amazon. It’s Amazon Echo. This device is handsfree, voice activated. You put it in your kitchen or living room or anywhere where you’d be. Basically you use your voice to get information from it. You say ‘Alexa’ that’s the keyword and then it listens in for other commands. You can ask it for the weather, your calendar for the day, sports scores…you can even control lights and set reminders. It all happens right there after you say Alexa, which is really cool. It’s practical, but it’s also a very fun gift for the holidays.”


Candace Rose: What are a couple of your favorite apps this holiday season?

Mario Armstrong: “You know me, I love apps, especially when they’re productive and they’re relevant to getting things done or making life easier, so I have two great ones. One is going to give parents peace of mind for kids with some music, the other one is going to help you reduce all that stress when you travel, whether it’s for the holidays and beyond, so I’m going to start with that one first. It’s called TripIt. It organizes all of your travel plans in one location. You book your hotel room, you get your rental car, you buy your flight ticket – all of that stuff like you normally do and then when those email confirmations come into your inbox, you just forward them to TripIt and then the app takes care of the rest. It takes all of that detailed information from those confirmations and makes your custom itinerary for you. If you want to bump up to TripIt Pro, you can for $49 and you’ll get a whole assortment of things like reduced alerts on any of your flights or travels, tracking of all of your rapid rewards and all of your rewards points, better seats, alternate flights – a lot of other options on that TripIt Pro.

Then for the parents with kids and their music, you want to get something that’s age appropriate that actually works and comes from a company that’s a leading name. Rhapsody has been around for quite some time, they have just introduced Rhapsody¬†KIDS. It’s the first custom streaming experience for the little ones. For kids under 10 (parents you’ll love this) they can use an Android or Apple device, all you do is turn it on, select kids mode, and then you can select age appropriate song that kids can play and sing along with. They have millions of songs in their library and we’re talking under $10 a month for that service.”


Candace Rose: What about something for the person who is impossible to buy for?

Mario Armstrong: “The impossible person, Candace? The impossible person or the movie lover will love the Digital HD release of the Tom Cruise global blockbuster movie Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. I’m a big fan of all the Mission Impossible’s. We watch a lot of them in our house. Critics have said this is the best Mission yet. I happen to agree with that too. There’s tons of action, lots of suspense, exotic locations, great storyline and of course, amazing stunts. With the Digital HD release, you get interviews, behind the scenes of the cast and the crew which is nice, and you also get to understand and see how they did some of those amazing stunts, which is really awesome.”


Candace Rose: Do you have anything exciting for the home this season?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, the home is constantly getting upgrades with all kinds of new technology, whether it’s home networking, Smart appliances and LG. I’ve been going to CES for several years, and I always see them doing things and advancing the innovation in our homes. On set with me I have LG’s Twin Wash with SideKick pedestal washer. This is really a truly first innovative washer in and of itself. It’s two pieces, the SideKick pedestal which is down below is really the true innovation. The SideKick pedestal enables you to wash all of the delicates and maybe those custom care items separate. You can wash them in hot or cold along with your regulars at the same time. It’s amazing! You save a ton of time, a ton of energy. You can do hot and cold at the same time as well. The SideKick pedestal can be used on any front load LG washer from 2009 on. One of my favorite features is that you can actually kick it in on turbo if you really want to clean those clothes a little bit faster, and you can save up to 30 minutes per cycle when you’re washing your clothes, so it gives you time back to.”


Candace Rose: Thank you as always, Mario. Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: Two places! I would say go to We have everything listed there, all the pictures or if you need a quick answer, you can hit me on Twitter @MarioArmstrong.”


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