Prep For The Holidays with Lifestyle Expert, Jennifer Farrell

Tis the season for DIY holiday projects, wrapping gifts and calling family and friends to wish them well and invite them for holiday celebrations. This week, lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell joined me for an interview to dish on a fun and easy DIY holiday project, the secret to having fun while wrapping gifts, and a great wireless phone plan that is also cost effective!


Lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish simple ways you can prep for the holidays!

Lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish simple ways you can prep for the holidays! Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: How can we keep the holiday stress to a minimum and where should we start?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, that is a good question because as we all know the holidays can be hectic. There’s entertaining your out of town guests, decorating your home, all of the dinner parties, shopping for presents – it seems like the list is endless. Just because you have a long list doesn’t mean you can’t get it all done and make things a little less stressful for you and your family.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any DIY decorating tips you can share with us?

Jennifer Farrell: “I love the DIY decorating, I love the party planning, but I really think absolutely the best place to start prepping for the holidays is by staying connected, that’s why I love Total Wireless and for only $35 a month so will you. Total Wireless offers users unlimited talk and text plus 2.5 gigabytes of data on America’s largest and most dependable network. The best part? No contract required. It’s sold exclusively at Walmart, they offer phones and plans that help you save money and help you spread a little more cheer during the holiday celebrations.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, you were talking about decorating which is my favorite part of the holidays. I love to get creative with festive decor and try out the latest design trends to help me make any holiday look come to life. I love to use Command Clear Mini Hooks. They are complete with transparent adhesive strips that blend seamlessly into walls and other surfaces making for endless decorating possibilities.” ** Be sure to watch the video above for details on how Jennifer created her beautiful DIY star display that she created with Command Clear Mini Hooks and ribbon.

Jennifer Farrell: “Here’s a DIY idea to make the gift wrapping process go a little faster  – instead of doing all the work yourself, throw a gift wrapping party! Invite all your family and friends and ask them to bring the gifts they need wrapped, as well as some wrapping paper, tape and ribbons. Form an assembly line and assign each person a different task. Before you know it, you have all your presents and you had fun along the way.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much Jennifer. Where can we go for more information?

Jennifer Farrell: “Be sure to follow me on Facebook (Jennifer Farrell Designs) and on Twitter @JFarrellDesigns for more easy lifestyle tips for the holidays like these.”


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