Celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann Dishes Thanksgiving Ham, Pork Tenderloin, Dessert Ideas!

Believe it or not but you only have 13 days to prep for Thanksgiving dinner, if you actually count Thanksgiving Day! If you’re searching for the perfect dish to prepare for your friends and family for the big holiday, but aren’t sure where to turn, you’re in luck! Celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann joined me for an interview this week to dish on must have ham, pork tenderloin and desserts you can’t pass up on.


Celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on fabulous main dishes and desserts you can't pass up on this Thanksgiving.

Celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on fabulous main dishes and desserts you can’t pass up on this Thanksgiving.


Ingrid Hoffmann: I’m super excited to be with you guys today because actually I am in the middle of ham country in Smithfield, Virginia. I recently partnered up with Smithfield. What that means basically is that for me the holidays are all about family and that’s at the center of everything that they do as well. We together decided to create the super easy, almost already pre-made recipes, that all you need to do is assemble and heat up to make it really easy.

My mom used to always say ‘Pick smart recipes girls’ because that means it’s either make ahead or you assemble. That’s where we’re coming in right now because we created these super easy recipes that are actually easy to make. One of the best examples, and it’s actually something that I grew up with is our spiraled sliced ham because it is the centerpiece of the table, so it’s almost like edible decor. All you need to do is heat it up, so you heat your oven to 275. You calculate 10 to 12 minutes per pound, and they come with the signature glaze which is delicious and succulent. We’ve done all the work right there. All you need to do is decorate and serve!”


Candace Rose: What are some great dishes to bring to holiday parties and potlucks?

Ingrid Hoffmann: “Actually that’s one of the biggest questions always that people ask. One of my go-tos, one of the things that Smithfield does really good, they pre-marinate and pre-season pork tenderloins. This one I just sliced it up in half, I stuffed it with cornbread (please see video above for details). You can stuff it with anything you like. It goes from dried fruits and nuts to wild rice, you name it. The one thing that I did that turns it into amazing is that I wrapped it in bacon. Please, it’s like anything wrapped in bacon is delicious. The beauty of this dish is that you can do it without cooking it, just assemble it. Have it ready, wrapped the bacon, wrap it in foil. You can have it like that in your freezer for a month if you want. It’s easy because you can cook it the day of the event or cook it the day before and just preheat it before you go out to your office party or your potluck. Again, that’s another great example of make ahead recipes that make you wow without a lot of work.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information that you’d like to share with us?

Ingrid Hoffmann: “Well, what’s a party without a dessert, right? Last but not least, I have this wonderful tip for dessert, it is also one of the hottest trends in baking – adding salt to desserts. In my case we’re doing Applewood Smoked Bacon that we’ve topped and crisscrossed on top of a store bought apple pie. This is going to make you look like ‘Top Chef’ without the work, and everyone is always happy to have dessert with bacon on top.

For all of these recipes and many more tips and tricks, you can find them at Smithfield.com. I invite you to let that be your first stop because that’s going to help you do all of your planning. Last but not least, Happy Holidays.”


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