Designer Kim Lewis Shares The Top Kitchen Decor Trends In Time for the Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that fall is officially here in Northern California and that winter will soon be on its way. We’ve been spoiled with summer-like temperatures this month, but with November just a few short days away, it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, especially with out of town guests soon arriving. While it’s too early to start planning Thanksgiving Dinner, now is definitely the time to get your home in order, especially the kitchen where we’ll be spending all of our time. Renowned designer and TV personality, Kim Lewis (founder of Vagabond Designs) joined me for an interview yesterday to dish on the hottest kitchen decor trends, Benjamin Moore’s color of 2016 and how you can easily upgrade your kitchen before family and friends arrive (and the Dallas Cowboys take on the Panthers) on Thursday, November 26th!


Renowned designer and TV personality Kim Lewis of Vagabond Designs joined Candace Rose for an interview on Tuesday, October 27th to dish on the top kitchen trends and decor ideas just in time for the holidays.

Renowned designer and TV personality Kim Lewis of Vagabond Designs joined Candace Rose for an interview on Tuesday, October 27th to dish on the top kitchen trends and decor ideas just in time for the holidays.



Candace Rose: What’s the easiest way to upgrade your kitchen before the holiday craze starts?

Kim Lewis: “Updating your kitchen is always a good idea and the first place to start is with color. Painting is an easy thing to do before the holiday season. People are always asking me what is the ‘it’ color right now? Well, Benjamin Moore just named ‘Simply White’ as the color of the year along with 23 other colors that complement ‘Simply White.’ I’ve pulled four of them here to show you the range between soft and saturated hues (please see video above for details). Adding color and paint is a great way to update the home in time for the holiday season, so for color trends I would check out”


Candace Rose: Are there any other trends we should look for?

Kim Lewis: “Definitely. The next place to go in terms of changing up and updating your kitchen in time for the holiday season would be the countertops. I have here a quartz countertop; I highly recommend quartz to people because not only does it come in those different colors that we love, but also it’s durable and in terms of stain resistance, it’s far greater than marble and granite.

This is actually a quartz countertop that I developed, the color is called ‘Olivia’ (please see video above for details). I developed this with Silestone and the idea with this was to bring a new neutral to the space. I really wanted to bring nature indoors, something that was inspired by the outdoors so Olivia is just that. I’m really excited about this color, you can check it out more on

Then if you change the counters, a great next move would be to change the sink, right? We spend a lot of time at the sink, especially during holiday season…there’s so much activity with family and friends coming over. The sink is the place where we really need it to work well for us, this is actually a cast iron apron front sink that’s also known as a farmhouse by Kohler. What I love about this sink is it comes in different colors. A lot of people think when they change their sink they might need to go with just white or stainless steel. This comes in different colors, so it’s a really fun way to spruce up the kitchen. In terms of functionality and durability, cast iron is great for that.

You can’t change the sink without changing the faucet. I know you love fashion probably as much as I do and with the faucet, I like to tell people to think of the faucet in terms of fashion. It is truly an accessory in the kitchen. It’s like that perfect necklace to your outfit. You want to do something with nice changes. The finish of the faucet is a great next move in terms of updating the kitchen in time for the holiday season. For sink and faucet inspiration I would check out”



Candace Rose: Are there any other home decor trends you’re loving around the house this season?

Kim Lewis: “Color is everywhere. I’m really excited about using color in spaces to update, to freshen. We spend a lot of time inside during the holiday season in the winter months, so I say cheer it up with a lot of different color in the space.

If you’re looking for overall trends and inspiration and how to incorporate color into your home, you can definitely check out my website. I love using color, so you’ll see a lot of inspiration there at”


Kim Lewis is best known as the Lead Designer behind ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and founder of Vagabond Designs in Austin, TX. In six years with the television show, Kim designed over 120 homes in 43 states.  Her work has been featured on television networks ABCHGTVTLCNational GeographicSpike TVAnimal Planet, and most recently FYI’s “Tiny House Nation”.  Austin commercial clients include restaurants ChiLantroJuice SocietyCrepe Crazy, and a new urban winery called The Infinite Monkey Theorem.Residential clients include celebrities, Jewel and Tiffani Amber Thiessen.

Written and online publications include People, InStyle, House BeautifulLonnyApartment TherapyThe Washington Post, Austin Woman,, BScene Magazine,, The Design Network, and others.  In 2014, Kim was selected as 1 of 5 Trendspotters to develop her own countertop color with the global solid surfaces company, Silestone. The new color “Olivia” was released this summer 2015.

In her time during Extreme Makeover, Kim saw how truly design CAN change lives. In 2013 she partnered  with TouchA Life in Ghana, West Africa to build a therapeutic art center for children, and is currently volunteering to design art centers in Cambodia for Rapha House, to be completed in 2016.

Kim is a motivational public speaker, working to empower the design and build industries to use creativity to inspire others.



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