Inside Tailgating Host Ryan Alessio Talks Tailgating Essentials, Tailgate Survival Kit, Delicious Food with Candace Rose Interview

It’s hard to believe we’re heading into week 6 in the NFL season. Where has the fall gone? One thing is definitely for sure, there’s nothing like a great tailgate with family and friends before your favorite team kicks off on Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking to throw the perfect tailgate, you’re in luck! Inside Tailgating host, Ryan Alessio joined me for an interview this morning to share all of his tailgating secrets just in time for Thursday night football, NFL Sunday and Monday night football!

Inside Tailgating host, Ryan Alessio joined Candace Rose for an interview on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 to dish on everything you need to have the perfect tailgate party.

Inside Tailgating host, Ryan Alessio joined Candace Rose for an interview on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 to dish on everything you need to have the perfect tailgate party.



Candace Rose: What’s your  recipe for the perfect tailgate?

Ryan Alessio: “Perfect tailgate at Inside Tailgating we’ve come up with a formula that we like to call the ‘3Fs’ food, friends and fun, and that’s what you need for the perfect tailgate.”



Candace Rose: What are some tailgating essentials?

Ryan Alessio: “Well, this day and age people don’t bring just bring little grills anymore, they make it really intense and really excited about this. You see people actually bring in TVs now, satellites, video game systems, all of their computers just so they can keep up with fantasy scores, so you nee to be able to power all of that. The Generac iQ2000 generator is just perfect for that. It’s smart, powerful, it’s portable and everything I mentioned you can actually just handle all that and more. What’s nice about it, it has an LED dashboard on it, so you can see the fuel levels, how much time you have and it’s also very quiet so it doesn’t disturb anybody around you.”



Candace Rose: Food is so important when tailgating! Do you have any tips for making great food with less stress?

Ryan Alessio: “Absolutely! Less stress is essential. You want everything done, ready to go and the easiest way to do that is check out George Foreman’s Butcher Shop – amazing meat of the highest quality. They deliver it right to your doorstep which means you’re not at the store, you’re not worrying about ‘Oh, do I have time?’ ‘Are they going to be out of something?’ It’s perfect. I suggest the Ultimate Variety Pack. It’s got your rib-eyes, peppercorn crusted tri-tip, bacon wrapped hot dogs, plus a lot more. It’s pre-marinated, it’s ready to go so you don’t have to do any prep work with it. It feeds up to 20 people. It’s under $120. That includes free shipping as well, so you’re saving a lot of money than going to the store. If you’d like to check that out, if you’d like to order it and get everything you see in front of me (please see video above for details) it’s”



Candace Rose: What’s a tailgating survival kit and what’s in it?

Ryan Alessio: “Well, that’s something that you just want to have on you just in case. It’s something you can keep in your car or if you’re bringing an RV to the tailgating lot which a lot of people do. I like to keep a first aid kit in it, a lot of sanitizer because you are handling food and interacting with people, sunscreen, bug spray (things of that nature) and of course you want to make sure you bring your Duck Tape – America’s favorite fix-all. Everybody’s fixed something with Duck Tape, no matter what it was. Now you can do a lot more with it because they have it in over 250 colors and designs. As you can see here we’ve jazzed up the cooler, we did the koozies, we made pom poms out of Duck Tape – it’s awesome. Plus, if you’re an NFL fan, they have the NFL license now so you can get your favorite team right on your roll of Duck Tape.”



Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much, Ryan. Where can we go for more information?

Ryan Alessio: “Well, thanks for having me. All you have to do is check out”



Ryan Alessio, Host, Inside Tailgating

With a Major in Cleveland Tailgating and a Minor in Pittsburgh Tailgating, Ryan Alessio host of Inside Tailgating and ESPN radio host, covers all the elements of the tailgating lifestyle – from Grills & Gear, and Food & Drink, to Fans & Thrills. His legendary tailgates start at 7:00 AM for a 1:00 PM game. Visit for all kinds of tailgating related news, product reviews, recipes and superfans. 


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