OK! TV Style Contributor Amy Salinger and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo Talk Emmy Award Style Trends, Mani Cams

Mani cams are all the rage at award shows these days, and they’ll be in full force at the Emmy Awards which are taking place this weekend. Celebrities are not just preparing for the award show by having their hair and makeup done perfectly and wearing the most glamorous gown by a fabulous designer, but they’re opting to have Radiesse injections so their hands look more youthful. OK! TV Style Contributor, Amy Salinger and Plastic Surgeon to the Stars Dr. Barry DiBernardo joined me for an interview yesterday to discuss the top style trends we’ll see on the red carpet on Sunday, and how you can also get younger looking hands with a quick office visit to your local plastic surgeon.


OK! TV Style Contributor, Amy Salinger and Plastic Surgeon to the Stars Dr. Barry DiBernardo joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the red carpet trends we'll see at the 67th Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20th, and how celebs are making their hands look more youthful on mani cams with Radiesse injections.

OK! TV Style Contributor, Amy Salinger and Plastic Surgeon to the Stars Dr. Barry DiBernardo joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the red carpet trends we’ll see at the 67th Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20th, and how celebs are making their hands look more youthful on award show mani cams with Radiesse injections.






Candace Rose: The 67th Emmy Awards are this weekend. What’s the vibe like in Hollywood right now?

Amy Salinger: “As you can imagine it’s super hectic. It takes a lot to get ready for the red carpet and it’s not just about the long term preparation but also short term preparation. Everything from picking out your gown to what hairstyle you’re going to do and makeup. That usually happens the afternoon of the awards, which people are often surprised by but there’s also the longterm preparation and that’s been going on for weeks if not months at this point. The health regime, the fitness regime, the beauty regime – all of these things, it takes a lot of thought. One of the things that is the biggest focus is the foundation of all of this and what is that, it’s your skin. If you have your skin looking good, everything is on the up and up from there. Your face and your neck are typical areas that we obviously know we’re going to see but there has been a big focus on your hands. With the mani cams being out we are not only looking at great manicures and great jewelry, but we’re actually looking at details of the skin on these celebrities hands.”

Dr. Barry DiBernardo: The last thing anyone wants to see is an aging hand. Face skin could look great and your body could look great, but when you go under these high definition cameras, yes you’ll see the nails and the jewelry, but if the hands look old that gives it all away. That becomes very important to restore, so we have an FDA approved treatment called Radiesse. It’s an injection to the hands to plump up the volume that was there when you were younger so you don’t see those veins and those tendons and those crevices anymore. In 10 minutes you have a treatment that lasts a year or longer and you now have restored youthful hands and you can feel good about putting your hand into the high def mani cams.”

Candace Rose: What is recovery time like? Can they have it done today and be good for the Emmys this weekend?

Dr. Barry DiBernardo: “A lot of times you can recover right away. There might be a little swelling, might be a little bruising. You could do it within the week before, so you can do it fairly close to the event, and as I said it plumps up right away. You walk out of the office with your hand restored.”

Candace Rose: What are some of the style trends expected on the red carpet this weekend?

Amy Salinger: “I think one of the trends that’s been in is skin. Skin is really in and I think that’s going to continue to be the case on the red carpet. We’ve seen a lot of nude gowns where there’s maybe a little feather, a little sequins and maybe a few motifs but it’s really only covering the necessary body parts that are proper to walk down the red carpet. The rest is really fair game, it’s amazing what the celebrities now have to put into getting ready, even more so than they used to to go down the red carpet because there is nowhere to hide at this point. It’s not just the skin on the face and the neck, and as we discussed the hands…now we have the back, the arms, the legs, the decolletage. It’s keeping the doctor very busy.”

Dr. Barry DiBernardo: “Anything you can see is something you have to worry about and is something we have to worry about, but fortunately we have a lot of good treatments for all of those areas. A lot of them are minimally invasive or non-surgical so the technology is kept up with the styles and the dresses.”

Candace Rose: When I was growing up I remember my grandmother had a complex about her hands. She always looked very young for her age, but her hands were something that really bothered her. Is it cost effective for the average person to have plastic surgery on their hands?

Dr. Barry DiBernardo: “Absolutely because this is really not surgery. This is an injectable so it’s not something that takes hours, it’s minutes really. It’s very cost effective for the time and the dollars you get a huge effect and that’s the ideal procedures we’re looking for.”

Candace Rose: Do either of you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Dr. Barry DiBernardo: “I’d say two things – whatever is being done from our end you want to be preventative, you don’t want the aging to take place. You want to get them younger and work on it so you don’t age, and you want everything to look very natural. Many patients don’t know where to go or where to look. There’s something they can do online, first they can get Radiesse.com as a website to learn about what you can do for the hands, but you can do these mini consultations on a website called Zwivel.com. You can actually communicate with photos, you can show your hand or whatever pictures and get an online consultation with the doctor, so that’s a new trend as well.”

Amy Salinger: “I would really just say no matter what you’re putting on, no matter where you’re going, it’s really about confidence and that’s the best accessory. If you feel fabulous walking out the door, that is going to show in the way you carry yourself throughout the day or the evening.”


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