Lifestyle Expert Marc Silverstein Dishes His Back To School Must Haves

Back to school season is nearly officially here! While many of us tend to think about buying papers, pencils, backpacks and other school supplies before heading back to class, quick and easy snacks are just as important. Lifestyle expert, Marc Silverstein was kind enough to join me for an interview this morning to dish on some of his favorite back to school snacks that he serves his kids and much more!


Lifestyle expert Marc Silverstein joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish his back to school must haves for parents and kids too!

Lifestyle expert Marc Silverstein joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish his back to school must haves for parents and kids too!

Candace Rose: Breakfast and snacks can help keep kids energized during the school day. What’s your go-to food just in time for back to school?

Marc Silverstein: “I’m glad you asked. I’m a dad, it’s my job, I’ve got to get up, get the kids fed and out in the morning. Then they come home and they’re hungry again, so I need food that is fast and satisfying, something that’s delicious and easy, and that is why I have partnered with Hot Pockets. I love their Breakfast Bites and their Snack Bites. This is their new great food, it’s ready in just about a minute and they come in seven tasty flavors including my favorite – the Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Bites and the Pepperoni Pizza Snack Bites. There are four pieces per serving, so it’s the perfect size whether you’re having it for breakfast or for a snack. You get that hearty hunger satisfaction from them. Kids love them, parents are going to love them too because you’re going to find that they can be a good source of protein. There’s no artificial flavors and they’re made with premium ingredients like hickory ham, signature pepperoni, or 100% real cheese.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any quick fixes for back to school tears or the first cold of the season?

Marc Silverstein: “That’s right, kids are crying at the bus stop or the parents are crying at the bus stop – I’ve been there! Sending kids back to school with the softness of Puffs Tissues, well, that is a no-brainer. They’re dermatologist tested to be gentle on the skin and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve sent a little softness from the home right to the classroom. These Puff SoftPacks are perfect, they’re super flexible. They’re perfect for sticking in a backpack and is an easy choice when it comes to back to school necessities. The fun designs are going to brighten up the kid(s) day. For a limited time Puffs has partnered with Walmart and Sam’s Club to create these specially Minions packages. They’re great fun, the kids are going to love them. You can find them in-store and online.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Marc Silverstein: “Well, before you go out shopping, see what you’ve got leftover from last year. Pencils and papers that the kids may not have used last year, they’ve been sitting around for three months…why go buy more of that?

Check out the end of summer sales if you’re going to buy clothes. There’s a lot of great things on sale right now that can last you deep into the fall and probably beyond.

If you can make a list…check it twice, and go to the store once because every time you go to the store you’re going to spend more money. Check out all these ideas at”


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