Fun Backpacks For Elementary School Students, Girls and Boys Of All Ages for Back To School!

Every boy or girl needs a great backpack just in time for back to school! A few weeks ago I dished on trendy designer backpacks for high school and college students, and today I’m excited to feature fun backpacks for elementary school students too.

We all know how important it is to have a great backpack when you’re a kid, I know I sure do! My backpack was my lifeline when I was in school, especially as I got older, but no matter how old I was or what grade I was in, I wanted one that showcased my personality or what I was into at the time.

Here are a few fun backpacks for elementary school students, and a few back to school items that bring back memories!


Fun backpacks for girls and boys just in time for back to school


Fun floral print backpack for little girls who love flowers (I would have LOVED this backpack)!



Love these polka dot backpacks!




Leopard print is always a must!


Fun tropical floral print!


Ninja Turtles are just as popular as they were when we were kids! Here are a few fun Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpacks for back to school





PS: How fun are these Ninja Turtle lunch boxes?





Love these colorful backpacks!





Who doesn’t love sparkles! Glitter is a must 🙂





Pretty heart print backpack!



Vans old school backpack!





Great Under Armour backpacks for the athlete, sports lover or Jordan Spieth fan!





I don’t know about you, but seeing this Charlie Brown backpack with Lucy and Snoopy and their pals, just makes me happy!



Great backpack for Star Wars fans!



Trendy Nike backpack!



If you LOVE designer accessories, you can’t pass up on this gorgeous Burberry backpack for toddler girls! The best part is it’s on SALE!




Cool back to school supplies! 





I had a pen like this when I was a kid, and it was my absolute favorite! Kids will LOVE this pen.






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