Millennial Expert Chelsea Krost Shares Back To School Tips for College Bound Teens and Their Parents

With back to school nearly officially here, it’s time for college students and their parents to start planning for that next step. Millennial spokesperson and TV/radio show host Chelsea Krost joined me for an interview recently to dish on how college bound students can get their dorm rooms in order, how to be financially responsible while being eco-friendly, and the importance of internships.


Millennial expert and TV/radio show host Chelsea Krost joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish back to school tips for college bound students and their parents.

Millennial expert and TV/radio show host Chelsea Krost joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish back to school tips for college bound students and their parents. Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: What are the first steps parents can take to prepare their college bound kids for that next step?

Chelsea Krost: “When your kid is leaving the nest, whether it’s your first kid, your second kid, your third kid – it’s always an emotional roller coaster. I’m sure there’s excitement, there’s stress, there’s nerves, there’s what to do first. Hopefully some of these solutions will ease the process of moving into the dorm room and also get savvy with some budgeting solutions.

I love the first solution, it really is great for all the DIYers as well! It is to maximize the amount of space possible in that small dorm room. You’ve really got to think more vertical than horizontal just because of the amount of space a dorm room really provides. The Command brand clear jewelry rack to maximize the amount of wall space that you have in the dorm and all the girls who love their jewelry can display their accessories on the wall. It’s a great way to also organize your jewelry and make sure that all those long necklaces don’t end up getting intertwined and knotted with each other – which is my biggest pet peeve. The clear adhesive strips really blend seamlessly into the wall so it’s a really beautiful decorative accent to the dorm room. It’s not only effective, but it really does look beautiful.

You can see over my shoulder here (please see video above for details) we have more ideas and inspiration for you. The Jumbo Hooks are fantastic for a little bit of heavier items, so your book bag, your purse, your winter coat during the snow. It’s a really durable hook. You can actually put up to┬áseven and a half pounds on it, so that’s a great option. In addition to our scarf and jewelry rack, for those of you who love belts you can also throw a belt up there.

Also, the key rail rack! I love this because I’m guilty of always forgetting my keys and always forgetting my college badge to get onto campus, so I truly suggest to leave that rack right by the door and get into the habit of leaving the ID on the lanyard, as well as your keys right there, so on your way out as you can see it and hopefully not have to come back to your dorm room to get that college ID because some colleges don’t even allow you on campus if you don’t have your badge on you. The best thing is that you have the stretch release technology, so just as easy as it is to put it on the wall, it’s as easy to take it off the wall. The technology is very strong and sturdy, it doesn’t have any residue or leave any holes once you take it off the wall, so no sneaky damage fees sneak up on you.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips when it comes to budgeting your finances?

Chelsea Krost: “I do. I love this (the Nalgene water bottle) so much because it’s such an effective and simple solution that can really save you a nice chunk of change every year. The Nalgene water bottles are very nostalgic for me. I used to use the wide mouth water bottle in particular all the time when I was a camper as well.┬áThe On The Fly water bottle is leakproof. I love it because you can throw both of these in your backpack if you want. You don’t have to worry about getting your books wet or your technology wet. Also, they’re pretty lightweight and durable, so you can take them anywhere and anytime. They’re made here in the USA, they’re very durable and very easy to wash.

Here’s the cool thing, Candace – if you drink 64 ounces of water per day over the course of a year, you can save up to $2,000 by not spending money on disposable water bottles and using just a reusable water bottle. Now the perk for the environment is that not only are you saving that $2,000 per year, you’re also helping avoid over 1400 water bottles get into landfills every year. It’s such a benefit for your wallet, as well as for the environment.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Chelsea Krost: “Absolutely! My last tip is such an important one, especially for all incoming freshman to really take advantage of and to take in consideration is those internships. Internships are such a great way to generate experience in the workplace. A lot of incoming freshman don’t necessarily know what major they want to go into or what they want to do at the end of their college career for their ‘career, career’ so internships are a great way to navigate the waters and test different things. It’s a great way to enhance your communication skills, broaden your network of people who you know, and of course the more internships that you have, the beefier your resume will get. The more appealing your resume is, the more likely the chance of getting hired right out of school. There are so many benefits to internships. Also, of course with a lot of internships you can get school credit, so there’s really a win-win there.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Chelsea. Where can we go for more information?

Chelsea Krost: “For more information on Command, it’s For more information on Nalgene, it’s

For more information on all things millennial, entrepreneurship, start-up, if you want to join our weekly Twitter chats (which is also a great networking opportunity) you just go to for all the good information or follow me on Twitter @ChelseaKrost.”


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