Chef Fabio Viviani Talks Top Sandwich Trends, How To win $25,000 with America’s Better Sandwich Contest with Candace Rose Interview

We all love a delicious sandwich, especially one that’s on good bread! If you’re a master when it comes to making fabulous sandwiches that your friends and family adore, you’re in luck. You could win $25,000 with your original recipe! Renowned chef Fabio Viviani joined me for an interview yesterday to dish on the America’s Better Sandwich contest, and how one lucky winner can win $25,000.


Chef Fabio Viviani joined Candace Rose for an interview to share the top sandwich trends of 2015 and how you can enter to win $25,000 in the America's Better Sandwich contest!

Chef Fabio Viviani joined Candace Rose for an interview to share the top sandwich trends of 2015 and how you can enter to win $25,000 in the America’s Better Sandwich contest!

Candace Rose: How can we win $25,000 with an original sandwich recipe?

Chef Fabio Viviani: “First and foremost, if you want to make a good sandwich, you’ve got to start with good bread. That’s the most important step in the process of making a fantastic sandwich that might lead you to win $25,000. We teamed up with the folks at Arnold/Brownberry/Oroweat to bring you the America’s Better Sandwich Contest.

Among the lines of breads that they have, you can get up to 46 grams of whole grain per two slice. That’s a lot of nutrients there, that’s a lot of good value. The way you enter the contest is by providing a recipe and submitting that to

I have done some samples for you guys to take inspiration from which are also some of the categories that are in the contest. We have Open Face Artistry, pretty much it’s an open faced sandwich. Instead of closing it you keep it open! It’s pretty, it’s beautiful to look at it and delicious. In this case we have some Prosciutto di Parma, some Italian cheese, some Romesco sauce, some arugula – whatever you like on it as long as it looks good, it fits into the category.

Then we have one of my ultimate favorites which is Breakfast in Bread – very clever. Everything you like about breakfast into a slice of bread. In this case we have my bacon (I like it crispy), I have tomato, I have some grilled zucchini, and I have fried eggs on it.

Then we have another category called Fueling Good. Fueling Good is a category where you want to pick good fat, good protein, things that are not only delicious but also health conscious because it’s fueling your body. In this case we have smoked salmon, we have cucumber, avocado, we have some onion. This is one of the categories that you can apply for it.

We have two more – we have Creative Classic, which is a category that got a lot of entries last year. Pretty much we’re asking people to reinvent the classic, get your own spin on a sub sandwich or get your own spin on something like a BLT or get a classic, get one of these breads and put your own spin to it.

Another category as well, last but not least is Love Healthfully, which is pretty much a category that revolves around the new line of the Arnold/Brownberry/Oroweat bread called Healthfull. Use these breads, submit your entry and by August 23rd when the entries are done we will look at it, I will taste several of them and on November 3rd for National Sandwich Day we’re going to pick the winner and the winner is going to get $25,000, but on top of every entry that you guys are posting, we’re giving away a loaf of bread to Feeding America, and this way everybody wins.”


Candace Rose: What sandwich trends are popular?

Chef Fabio Viviani: “We created the categories on some really popular trends. The open face sandwich is very popular in restaurants. By doing the open face you can apply a little bit of creativeness to the presentation as well.

The other category which is really hot as a trend is Breakfast in Bread. After brunch, after brinner which is brunch for dinner, now is breakfast in bread. That creates a whole new category where people can get their favorite morning to go.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips when it comes to choosing ingredients for a better for you sandwich?

Chef Fabio Viviani: “Again, like I said in introducing my sandwich, picking the right bread is a must to have a good sandwich experience. It’s great to have fantastic ingredients in between but if the bread doesn’t work, if the bread is not too good, the sandwich is not going to be amazing. Before you choose what sandwich you want to do or what to put in, make sure that you pick a good bread.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much chef Fabio. Where can we go for more information on how to enter the America’s Better Sandwich contest?

Chef Fabio Viviani: “People can go to”


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