Tech Expert Mario Armstrong Shares Top Technology Must Haves for the Home

Technology is getting smarter every single day, especially when it comes to your home. Tech expert and TV personality Mario Armstrong was kind enough to join me this morning for an interview to dish on an amazing Bluetooth fan for your bathroom, an amazing faucet with motion sense, fabulous security monitors – especially for those of you who will be traveling this summer, a new water heater that can save you money, and much more.


Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the hottest tech must haves for the home.

Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the hottest tech must haves for the home.




Candace Rose: What are a couple of cool new technologies making their way into our homes?

Mario Armstrong: “There are some awesome things, and I’ve partnered with five brands to really help you make your home a little bit more smart. There are a couple things I want to show you – the first stop (we’re going to travel around the house here) we’re going to go the bathroom. I want you to check out the home network’s Bluetooth bath fan with LED lights (please see video above for details). This bath fan is amazing. It’s really, really cool. It goes into the ceiling of your bathroom, so it’s great upgrade for your bathroom. It’s easy to do and it has awesome sound and dual stereo quality speakers. You can control it from the waterproof remote that comes with it, which is awesome. The LED light can also change from white to blue if you want it to. It’s $159 at Home Depot. In the fall they’re going to be coming out with a touchpad wall switch as well.

Let’s go upgrade the kitchen! In the kitchen we’re going to be a little Jetsons-like here with Moen. Moen has awesome faucets, check this one out (please see video above for details) – this is the STO faucet with motion sense. Basically there are sensors built into the faucet, so you wave your hand above the top, it gives you a stream of water or if your hands are full you can bring that object or that pot right to the faucet. It’ll recognize it, give you water and when you pull it away, it shuts the water off. I have this in my kitchen, it looks incredible, works flawlessly and it also saves a lot of money because I’m not just wasting water. Go to to check out more about that.”


Candace Rose: How are smart devices making our homes safer?

Mario Armstrong: “I’ve got two devices that are really working to give us more peace of mind, especially if we’re traveling this summer as many people will be doing for vacation. The first listens in on something very important in your house, it’s called the RemoteLync monitor and it’s made by Kidde. This little guy plugs into a single wall outlet and then what it does is it listens to your existing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in your house. For example, if you’re traveling and on the road and it detects that there’s smoke in your living room, you can get that notification right on your mobile device no matter where you are. There’s even options to be able to place a call to 911 if you wanted to be able to have that as well. There’s no monthly fees, $99 at Home Depot for that. It’s a really great option.

For more peace of mind lots of people are interested in security cameras and video systems, so I have a great one that’s easy to install, customizable and has some really distinct features. Guardzilla is only $99 per camera. It’s available at Best Buy, Target and coming soon to Walmart. What’s really cool about this is it has great night vision, it has the ability to take images and take pictures, but it also has this awesome app and it allows me to see exactly the live stream right there on my mobile device from that camera. Here’s what’s also really distinctly different – if you hit the red button (the panic button) it will send an audible alarm to that camera. That’s different, that’s not heard of before. If you need to check in on those elderly parents or on your pets or even that babysitter, that’s a great security system.”


Candace Rose: How can connected technology save us money?

Mario Armstrong: “To save money I have something that we use every single day and you have to use it, but you don’t think about how you can make it more energy efficient or save money from it. I have something covered for that, it’s the GE Connect GeoSpring 80 gallon hybrid water heater. This water heater is incredibly innovative and smart. You can control it all from your smartphone. You basically can change the water heater modes, you can change the temperature, you can select vacation mode, get maintenance alerts and more. You can save up to $500 per year with this water heater and not only that, it’s 67% more energy efficient than your existing water heater and you could even qualify for utility incentives in your area or rebates, so make sure you plug in your zip code to find out what you can get and take advantage of at”


Candace Rose: Thank you as always, Mario. Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “Our website has everything I talked about here, Candace and it’s at There’s something in her for everybody to upgrade your home and make it that much more smart.”


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