MomTrends Founder Nicole Feliciano Shares Must Have Summer Tips for Busy Moms On The Go!

Are you a busy mom on the go searching for ways to keep your family healthy, happy and organized this summer? If so, you’re in luck! MomTrends founder and CEO Nicole Feliciano joined me for an interview this week to share simple things every busy mom needs this summer, and how to teach your kids to stay organized and to recycle.



MomTrends founder and CEO Nicole Feliciano joined Candace Rose for an interview to share great summer tips for busy moms on the go.

MomTrends founder and CEO Nicole Feliciano joined Candace Rose for an interview to share great summer tips for busy moms on the go.



Candace Rose: What are some of the must haves that busy moms need this summer?

Nicole Feliciano: “This summer I’m going to be exploring both the country and the city with my kids, so I pack a to-go bag wherever I plan to take an adventure, and that means sunscreen, snacks and a little first aid bag. In there I’m going to put Bandaids, I’m going to put antibacterial wipes, and for all the minor skin irritations that pop up I’m going to have TRICALM hydrogel. It is five times more effective than steroid based hydrocortisone creams. With this gel you just simply put it on to bug bites, stings, maybe if your child got an irritation from rubbing up against a plant. It’s going to take the irritation away and get them back to having fun and exploring the town or in the country, so make sure you’ve got that in your first aid kit.

At home we’re going to be tackling some recycling projects. We’re pretty good about recycling the mail and recycling in the kitchen, but this summer I’m giving kids the task of bathroom recycling. Unilever has this cool program, it’s called the rinse, recycle, and reimagine, and they want to remind us all to recycle things like shampoos, conditioners, body wash containers, body lotion containers. The kids are going to set up stations in the bathroom and they’re going to be in charge of collecting them and adding them to our recycling. They can win cool prizes! Snap a photo of your recycling efforts and you’re going to hashtag it with #reimaginethat and #sweeps – you can win prizes that have been made from recycled plastics like outdoor furniture, outdoor toys and bath and body products as well. It’s a cool way to cut down on clutter, it’s going to get the kids involved in keeping you organized and it’s good for the planet, so three ways to win there.”


Candace Rose: What are some great tools that will help busy moms navigate their busy lives?

Nicole Feliciano: “For me it’s about having a smartphone with the right apps on it and that my family is fully connected, so we know where everybody is with our busy schedules and we can really stay connected. This summer we are giving my tween daughter her first phone. I just upgraded so she’s getting my old phone, and we’re going to activate her on the Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone program. It’s $45 and she’s going to get 4G LTE speed and 5 gigabytes of data. It’s a great way to give teens a little bit of responsibility, a little bit of freedom, and without adding a ton of money to your plans. So, $45 fits into most budgets and this way you can always keep in touch during the summer.

My last one is a smartphone app for savvy parents. Most of us want to get the best deal possible but we don’t want to clip coupons; that’s where RetailMeNot comes in. It’s an app that can be put onto your phone or your tablet, and you can check out all of the best deals either online or in-store without having to clip coupons. You just enter the store where you are and it will give you the deal that’s available there. One thing I just found out is they also have restaurant deals as well. When you’re checking out your favorite restaurant or maybe you’re catching a summer movie and want to check out something new, check out the app and see if there’s a restaurant deal near you and you might be able to save a little bit of money with your family this summer.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Nicole Feliciano: “Well, all of these sites have websites of course, but is a great resource for tips and trends for busy moms.”


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