Designer and DIY Expert Jennifer Farrell Shares Summer Home Maintenance Tips with Candace Rose

With summer nearly officially upon us, now is the time to get your backyard in tiptop shape just in time for summer barbecues and fun parties with your family and friends. Designer, TV host, lifestyle expert and DIY expert Jennifer Farrell of Jennifer Farrell Designs joined me for an interview recently to dish on how you can update and organize your home for the season, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and she even shared some fun DIY projects you’ll have fun working on.


Designer, TV host and DIY expert Jennifer Farrell joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on how you can prepare your home and yard for summer. Image courtesy of

Designer, TV host and DIY expert Jennifer Farrell joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on how you can prepare your home and yard for summer. Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: Why is summer a good time to do some home updates?

Jennifer Farrell: “Summer is actually the perfect time because the days are longer, so we have a little extra time in the day to start tackling those things we’ve been putting off. You want to have your home ready for backyard barbecues and summer entertaining, so now is the perfect time to update, clean and organize before summer officially begins. It’s time to reset and start tackling the projects you’ve been putting off by getting organized.

The most important place I think to start is your laundry room because a lot of us use it not just for laundry, but also for storing our cleaning supplies and other household goods. Check out this organized laundry station that I created that’s so easy for you to reproduce at home (please see video above for details). I use Command brand broom grippers to mount and store brooms, mops, and dusters right off the floor very neatly. It’s so easy to use these, you just push the handles into the collapsable rubber grips. Once I did that, then I added some clothes hangers for freshly washed clothes, some medium wire hooks to hang my other laundry essentials, so that everything is organized and together in one central location. What’s great about this unique stretch release technology is the products hold strongly, then remove cleanly from surfaces without leaving holes or sticky residue behind.

Once we’ve got our laundry organized and ready, then we can talk about our favorite part of the summer – the outdoors. It’s so much fun to spend time in your backyard with your family and friends watching the birds in the trees and the flowers, but it’s hard to enjoy your backyard if you’re surrounded by those pesky and sometimes dangerous mosquitoes. With the wet weather we’ve had in parts of the country, mosquitoes are out in force. Well, I have a safe nontoxic new solution from Terminix AllClear called Mosquito Bait & Kill. What I love about this ready to use spray is that it’s based on the scientific facts that mosquitoes need plant sugar not blood to survive. Simply spray this on your outdoor shrubs and mosquitoes cannot resist the sugar bait. Once they eat it they stop biting you and soon die. In just two to three weeks mosquito populations are collapsed by more than 90%. The best part is that even though it’s deadly for mosquitoes, it’s safe for your family, your pets and the environment.”


Candace Rose: What can we do to protect our patio furniture?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, now that we’ve gotten rid of those pesky mosquitoes, we do want to enjoy our patios. This is a great time to start protecting and cleaning your patio furniture so that it’s great all year round in the elements to preserve your furniture. To keep it looking new, you want to use a high quality cleaner like 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner, which is great on even the toughest stains and it rinses residue-free. Once your furniture is fully dry, you treat the fabric with 303 Fabric Guard, which is wonderful for restoring your fabrics water repellency, as well as to protect against soils and oil and water-based stains. Put this on your fabric, let it dry for six to 12 hours before use. Of course when you’re using this, you want to be outdoors in a fully ventilated area.”
Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Jennifer Farrell: “Sometimes just rearranging your furniture or bringing in new lighting can completely change the look of a space, and summer is all about color, so now is the time to add fun pops of colors like bright colorful pillows on your patio or if you like to do DIY projects like we like to do, go to your local garage sales and pick up some old chairs or a watering cans, even old planter pots! Paint them bright colors and then put them together in clusters for a fun perky way to add a splash of cheer both indoors and out for the summer.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Jennifer! Where can we go for more information?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, be sure to follow me for some DIY ideas on Facebook @Jennifer Farrell Designs, and on Twitter @JFarrellDesigns.”


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