Technology Expert Mario Armstrong Shares His Top 6 Tech Apps and Gadgets Just In Time For Summer 2015 with Candace Rose!

It’s no secret that technology is always evolving, especially when it comes to apps, tablets and gadgets. I’m addicted to my tech gadgets, especially my iPhone and my favorite apps that I use on the daily. I rely on my apps for everything business related, shopping, music, and so much more. I would be at a loss if I lost my phone or if anything happened to it, it’s definitely my lifeline. If you love your smartphone as much as I do, or if you’re looking to save money when shopping for yourself or for tickets to sporting events, on the hunt for a new tablet and much more, you’re in luck! Tech expert Mario Armstrong was kind enough to join me for an interview once again, this time he dished on the top app for mobile security, his favorite new Intel powered tablet, what’s new for gamers, the must have money saving shopping app, how to save $20 when shopping for tickets to sporting eventsĀ (hello, San Francisco Giants game!) with his special coupon code, and so much more!


Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top 6 apps and tech gadgets you'll love for summer, he also has a $20 coupon code for sports fans looking to buy tickets to a sporting event.

Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top 6 apps and tech gadgets you’ll love for summer, he also has a $20 coupon code for sports fans looking to buy tickets to a sporting event.





Candace Rose: What’s new in mobile security?

Mario Armstrong: “Candace, here’s the thing – we’re all walking around carrying these smartphones, but we’re not protecting them as much as we do our laptops and computers, so what’s new in mobile security is really having a great app that you can trust that will protect your smartphone. Lookout is a free app available for iPhone and Android. It’s great for scanning all of those apps you download to make sure they’re virus-free. You can keep your phone safe from any scams.

One of my favorite features on this though is the theft alert. The theft alert feature enables you to basically – let’s say someone tries to get into your phone, they miss-enter a password, or they try to enter a pin code, or they try to remove your sim card – the app will take a picture of that person trying to get in and email it to you, along with a location on a map of where your phone is so you can hand it over to the authorities and get the phone back. It’s a really great app, everyone should have it, it’s called Lookout.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything new from Intel?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes! Tablets are going to be big this summer. People are going to want to look at their TV shows, movies, games, free books, so I wanted to find a tablet that was low cost, but also had an Intel processor in it because having that Intel processor means it’s going to have great speed, long battery life, great graphics, so I found the Intel powered ASUS MeMo Pad 7. Now, this is perfect for the summer, for family, as well as kids. It’s super stylish, new design, four different colors. It has an Intel Atom processor which means fast web browsing, great video playback, great graphics as well. It also has HD camera on it, and up to nine hours of battery life. It’s only $179 – that’s a great price for a tablet.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any recommendations for shoppers?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, I use an app that’s called Find&Save. You can use it on the iPhone and Android (it’s free). The reason this one is a little bit different from other shopping apps, Candace, is this one gives you cash back for shopping. For example, through the app you would have found out that if you spent $50 at Target, you would have received $20 back from Find&Save. It also has some really cool cash back alerts for stores that are near you. When you’re near a store that’s offering cash back, you can get notified and then you can take advantage of that deal.”


Candace Rose: What do you have for gamers?

Mario Armstrong: “For gamers, I have two things that have everyone covered – from adults to kids. My first one actually covers both, adults and kids. I love this, it’s called Languinis. It’s a new mobile puzzle game that’s a mashup of Match 3, Candy Crush and Word Search all together. Basically you have to match these colored gems that you see here (please see video above for details). Once you do that, that uncovers letters and then you have to quickly spell words to get points. It’s a lot of fun, they have 50 levels. It’s free at the app store, as well as Google Play, so download that, it’s called Languinis.

If you’re big into playing your Xbox One or if you know someone in your family that loves playing their Xbox One, and maybe you want them to have some headphones. I have the most advanced gaming set available. It’s made by Turtle Beach, it’s called the Elite 800X. These headphones sound amazing – totally immersive. I played with them, they have noise cancellation, feature Bluetooth connectivity, fully wireless with game and chat audio, and DTS 7.1. For those that know audio, they know DTS is a really strong name for quality surround sound. Incredible, incredible headphones for the gamer.”


Candace Rose: Do you have anything for sports lovers?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, all my sports fans, it is sports season! Basketball is almost over, but people are into baseball, and other sports…and football is going to be coming up in the fall. What I do when I want to buy a ticket to any sports game, I go to the app called Gametime. I don’t pay market rate, I always get a great discounted price of a great seat through Gametime. I can look up what city I’m in, and I can pull up the stadium or pull up the games that are playing. I can zoom right in and see exactly what my view would be from my seat. Right on my app I can do that! I can pay for my ticket, buy it right there. There’s no need for any paper tickets or anything. You can scan the barcode right at the gate, it’ll let me in. It’s a great app. It’s easy to use, transactions take 15 seconds or less to get it done. They’re in 35 markets but they’re growing really fast, so every other week they’re somewhere else. Definitely check them out!

If anyone uses the Gametime app for the first time, they get $20 if they use the promo code, which is my name: “MARIO“. If you use Gametime and you buy a ticket, make sure you use the promo code Mario and you’ll get $20 off of that ticket.”


Candace Rose: Thank you, Mario! Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “Two places – one, you can head over to our website which is, and as always you can hit me up on Twitter @MarioArmstrong or on Facebook, so I can send you the link to make sure you get access to everything.”


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