Poet and Best Selling Novelist, Taiye Selasi Talks Dove Love Your Curls Book, Favorite Products for Curly Hair and My Curl Story!

My naturally wavy hair and I used to have a love-hate relationship. I had natural ringlet curls when I was a toddler, and gradually as I got older it just turned wavy. My family always told me how lucky I was to have curly hair, and in fact when I was in second and third grade I used to beg my mom to braid my hair on Sunday nights and put curlers on the ends so my hair was big, even curlier and beautiful on Monday morning.

As I got older and went into middle school I became ashamed of my hair because my “friends” would make fun of it. I begged my mom for a reverse perm a few times, it would go straight for a day, but would revert back to its natural wavy state as soon as I washed it. I felt desperate for straight hair. For the next few years I started pulling my hair back every day because my hair was so big and wavy when it was down, and I didn’t want to hear comments from my peers, so I just gave in. About a year or so later, I finally got a flat iron and despite the burns I received once I started using it, it became my lifeline! My bleach blond highlighted hair may have been damaged from being overprocessed, but I was happy it was straight.

Years later I learned about the keratin treatment, and was so excited to try it. Straight frizz-free hair? Sign me up! Everything was fine and dandy until my eyes started watering, I felt like I was gagging and I would hyperventilate from the chemicals being put on my scalp. It’s been a few years since my last keratin treatment, all in part to finally learning to love the wavy/curly hair I was born with. Thankfully, Dove is doing their part to help girls of all ages love their curls as well.

I couldn’t have been more excited when I first learned about the Dove Love Your Curls campaign months ago, inspiring girls and women to love their curls. I was thrilled when I was asked to interview poet and best selling novelist Taiye Selasi who authored the book “Love Your Curls” (“a poetic tribute to little girls with curls”) because I too believe it’s important for young girls and women of all ages to love their curls and not waste time, energy and money longing for the straight hair they weren’t born with.

According to Taiye and Dove, only four in 10 little girls with curly hair actually call their hair beautiful. So that means 60% person of little girls don’t feel confident about their curly hair! Which leads me to wonder how many women would consider their curls beautiful?


Poet and best selling novelist Taiye Selasi discusses the Dove "Love Your Curls" books, dishes on why it's so important for little girls to love their curls, and shares her favorite tips for fellow curly hair girls and women of all ages.

Poet and best selling novelist Taiye Selasi discusses the Dove “Love Your Curls” books, dishes on why it’s so important for little girls to love their curls, and shares her favorite tips for fellow curly hair girls and women of all ages.



Women from across the U.S. submitted their curl stories for the Dove “Love Your Curls” book, and they were all inspiring. In the video below Taiye Selasi discussed the book, read an inspiring curl story, talked about her experiences with curly hair and how she learned to love her hair. She even dished a few of her favorite tips for fellow curly haired girls, one being leave-in conditioner! Taiye strongly believes in Dove’s Quench Absolute products for women with curly hair, and she shared a few of her favorite products in the video below. You can download your free ebook copy of the Dove “Love Your Curls” book at Dove.com/LoveYourCurls, and you can also customize it with your favorite curly-haired girl’s name. I can already think of a few little girls in my family who would love this book!

Please watch Taiye Selasi and Dove’s inspiring video below, and invite fellow curly haired girls and guys of all ages to do so as well! It’s time we all learn to love and embrace our curls.





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