MomTrends Founder Nicole Feliciano Dishes On Trending Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mom On Your List



MomTrends founder Nicole Feliciano joined Candace Rose Anderson for an interview to dish on trending gift ideas for every mom on your list this Mother's Day.

MomTrends founder Nicole Feliciano joined Candace Rose Anderson for an interview to dish on trending gift ideas for every mom on your list this Mother’s Day.


Is your mom notoriously difficult to shop for? If so, you’re definitely not alone! My mom is very hard to shop for and what makes it worse is her birthday is also a few days after Mother’s Day, so shopping for two gifts instead of one can definitely be stressful. Earlier today, MomTrends founder and CEO Nicole Feliciano joined me for an interview to not only dish the top trending gifts for every mom on your list this Mother’s Day, she also eased my nerves as she shared fabulous gifts EVERY mom on your list will love, even the super picky ones like my sweet and beautiful mama.



Candace Rose: What gifts are trending for moms this Mother’s Day?

Nicole Feliciano: “One of the first things, we’ve done surveys and what moms really love are the classics, and that means flowers. is a terrific resource, you can go online and see all the different bouquets and then they’re professionally arranged, they’re all done by local florists and then they’re hand delivered.

The key for being right on trend this season are these three in one gifts – you get the gorgeous bouquet, you get the vase, and for a limited time you’re going to get a one month membership to I have two of my favorites here – the Artful Elegance, this is a handblown vase here and then you’ve got the beautiful butterflies. I love all the purple touches, this is one of my favorite colors and these are great because you can enjoy the bouquet, then you’ve got the vase which you can keep refilling with flowers and then you’ve got the Three in one gifts is a really great way to stretch out the celebration of Mother’s Day.”


Candace Rose: We all know how much moms like to keep things running around the house. What can we get her to make life a little bit easier?

Nicole Feliciano: “Well, I wish I could give her that 25th hour in a day, but what I can do is give her appliances that can make all of the chores that she’s got to get done, all the business of her day and make it a little bit easier. I can rely on hhgregg, they have a great team of award winning customer service that can help you get the just right appliances to suit your needs. What they’ll do is they’ll ask you questions, they’ll get you a great price. For me, laundry is the key. I do so much laundry! I’ve got two girls that are really into sports, my husband and I are active, so there is a ton of laundry to be done. For us it’s all about getting things done right the first time. We want to make sure those stains come out and to get as much laundry done as quickly as possible.

There’s a extra cool feature about the Maxima Washer and Dryer from Maytag. The Maxima has this feature where you can wash and dry a small load. Say you need that soccer jersey the next day and you find it wadded up in the bottom of your child’s backpack, you don’t have to stay up late and transfer it from the washer to the dryer. One setting can do a small load, it will wash and dry so as you’re getting ready for the game the next morning you just pop over and it is ready to go, so I love little features like that and the team at hhgregg will point out the features that you will need for your particular family.”

Candace Rose: What’s a great gift idea that really shows we know our mom’s personality?

Nicole Feliciano: “Well, when it comes to showing off their personality and that you really get their style, a piece of jewelry is the perfect gift. Pandora is certainly a name that we all know and love and we see that box that says Pandora, it has that ooh and aah factor. You can go online to and you can shop, you can browse and you can look at some of the different collections. One of them that I am loving for this Mother’s Day is the shimmering rose. I’m wearing one of the rings right now from the collection. It’s delicate but also really modern at the same time. It’s this super sparkling sterling silver and it’s all hand finished. This is just one collection, if this doesn’t suit her style, you can head to the website and really look around and see if there’s another piece that might be perfect for her. At Pandora it’s all about celebrating mom’s style. They have this ‘Art of You’ campaign where they’re encouraging moms to show off their style and they’re all also encouraging you to be really thoughtful when you’re picking out a gift. There’s tons of stackable bracelets and rings, you’ll be sure to find something that suits the clothing that she’s got in her wardrobe, her taste in music, her taste in jewelry. You’ll be able to find a gift she’ll want to wear now and for years to come as a treasured heirloom.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great gift ideas, Nicole! Where can we go for more information?

Nicole Feliciano: “You can get details on everything that I talked about today at”


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