Gorgeous Baby Girl Dresses Fit For the New Royal Princess and Your Baby Too!

Like many of you, I was excited when it was announced in the fall of 2014 that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton were having a baby! I was secretly hoping for a baby sister for the adorable Prince George, and I was so happy to hear yesterday morning that the Royal Family welcomed the first girl born since 1950. While the world waits to hear what the new Princess will be named (myself included) I thought I’d share gorgeous infant/baby girl dresses fit for a beautiful princess, and perhaps the future Queen of England!

Gorgeous baby girl dresses fit for the new Royal Princess and your baby, too!


Beautiful tulle dresses fit for the new Royal Princess!


This beautiful dress is available for not only infants, but toddlers, little girls, and big girls too!



















The new Royal Princess needs a Burberry dress. Better yet, we ALL need Burberry dresses!






Beautiful rose print dress!



Lovely lace dresses for the new Royal Princess who was born on Saturday, May 2nd!




















Will this beautiful dress be personalized with Princess Charlotte or Princess Alice? I’m thinking Princess Rose or Princess Margaret would be perfect!









Love these fab rosette dresses they’re perfect for the new Royal Princess!













Fabulous designer dresses fit for the new Royal Princess and your baby girl, too!





















Gorgeous pink Gucci dress with a lovely floral print Peter Pan collar:










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