Fun Graphic Statement Shirts and Tank Tops On Trend for Spring and Summer 2015

If there’s one casual trend I’ve been hooked on over the last six months or so, it’s my comfy statement t-shirts, statement sweats and statement sweaters. When the weather is cool, I practically live in my J.Crew “Pardon My French” sweatshirt, and now that it’s heating up, my “Glitter is always an option” (as seen on my NEW Instagram @StyleCandi) is always in play.

Nothing makes a statement quite like a graphic statement shirt. It tells people what’s on your mind, and you can’t help that these trendy shirts are so much fun! You can pair a fun graphic statement t-shirt with trendy wide leg print trousers, palazzo pants, skinny jeans, flared denim jeans, print shorts, boho skirts and much more. If you’re on the hunt for a fun and trendy graphic statement shirt or tank top, you’re in luck! I scoured the net and found fun, trendy graphic statement shirts and tank tops you’ll love for spring and summer 2015.

Fun graphic statement shirts and tank tops in every style, color, print, and price range on trend for spring and summer!



This Fries Before Guys graphic statement shirt has been all over Instagram this week. It’s nearly sold out!



It’s no secret that I love roses! I adore this Rodarte Rosarte graphic statement shirt.



What would we do without Saturdays and Sundays?!


SUNDRY Saturdays & Sundays Boy Tee





















































With Full House returning (“Fuller House”) we had to share this Uncle Jesse graphic statement t-shirt!












Caffeine is my best friend these days!

















Fleetwood Mac said it best “Go Your Own Way”!



Adore this San Francisco, I love you graphic statement shirt!

























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