Chef Pati Jinich Shares Four Mexican Dishes With Avocados From Mexico For Cinco de Mayo!

Growing up with a Mexican mother and my grandparents who immigrated from Jalisco, Mexico, I’ve always been blessed to eat delicious authentic Mexican food on a regular basis, but one thing is definitely for sure, no meal was ever complete or is ever complete to this day without being topped with delicious avocados.

With today being Cinco de Mayo, it’s hard to imagine how many avocados will be consumed on this day alone. According to Avocados from Mexico “During the week of Cinco de Mayo, 33,892,841 Million Pounds of avocados are consumed. That’s enough to fill over 45 million standard Margarita glasses”. They also stated that “the avocado is also known as the “Alligator Pear”, Alligators weigh around 1,000 pounds each. The weight of the Avocados consumed would equal around 33,000 alligators.” We sure do love our avocados!

One of my favorite chefs, the one and only Pati Jinich shared this amazing video below where she made a pico de guac that I can’t wait to try, chorizo avocado enchiladas that sound delicious, fab avocado and shrimp enchiladas, and a phenomenal dulce de leche avocado martini. If you’ve never tried avocado in drinks before you are absolutely going to love it. During my interview with Pati last year she convinced me to add avocados from Mexico to my breakfast smoothies and it has made a world of difference, they’re creamier and far more delicious.

Be sure to watch the video below for details on these specific Mexican dishes Pati Jinich shared just in time for your Cinco de Mayo dinner, the secret to cutting an avocado; and her favorite guacamole recipe with chopped celery, a ripe avocado, jalapeno, tomatillo, cucumber, cilantro, tart green apple, lime juice and salt. Don’t forget to visit for the delicious authentic Mexican recipes. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!


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