Bridal and Jewelry Expert Adelaide Polk-Bauman Talks 2015 Millennial Wedding Trends, Diamond Jewelry, Wedding Destinations and More with Candace Rose

With the 2015 wedding season officially upon us, now is the perfect time for brides to start planning their wedding, and guests to search for the perfect gift. Weddings have definitely changed over the years, especially for millennials who are now coming of age and saying “I Do”. The millennial generation is unlike other generations, and according to reports, the one thing they fear most is being ordinary.

When it comes to style, jewelry, and wedding destinations, millennials love to showcase their values and put their own personal flair to their big day. Bridal and jewelry expert, Adelaide Polk-Bauman joined me for an interview recently to discuss the most important things to millennials when planning their wedding. She dished on everything from wedding registries to diamond jewelry and accessories, choosing the perfect gift for the wedding party, unique destinations millennials are opting to hold their wedding ceremony, and other great trends.

Bridal and jewelry expert Adelaide Polk-Bauman joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the top 2015 wedding trends for millennials!

Bridal and jewelry expert Adelaide Polk-Bauman joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the top 2015 wedding trends for millennials!





Candace Rose: What is the most important thing to millennials when planning their wedding?

Adelaide Polk-Bauman: “Well, the millennial generation is unlike any generation that’s come before it and it’s really pioneering all these things in the bridal wedding day landscape. I think the most important thing is that millennials have an opportunity to showcase their values through the purchases that they make through retailers. This is really changing up the scene when it comes to gift registries.”

Candace Rose: What are some modern and trending registry categories that are breaking tradition?

Adelaide Polk-Bauman: “This is the digital age. Social media, crowd source funding is very important, so whether that means through being able to give back or embrace charities that are important or other sort of big investment pieces in a couple’s life. They’re doing this through online resources such as Crowdrise – a great website resource, also the I Do Foundation, which has a laundry list of vetted charities to be able to support.

The give back component is very important to millennials and being able to buy products from and being able to support brands that not only support charities, but really have it at their core of their philosophy. This give back mentality is very important right now.”

Candace Rose: What do millennials look for when choosing gifts for their bridal party and what are some of the gifts they are presenting?

Adelaide Polk-Bauman: “The engagement period is so much longer than it’s ever been before, it’s really unbelievable. When you think about your bridal party, they do so much to help plan this big day, and so naturally it’s important that the bride and groom be able to give back.

What better than a gift of love? Diamond pieces of jewelry are Forevermark (please see video above for details). My favorite trend actually is this personalized nameplate, sort of a twist on a pendant. Millennials love that personalization. This is a really great gift idea. I always say diamond ear studs are the perfect go-to gift for any woman. Millennials are now starting to take a twist off of that and do ear cuffs which come in so many different styles and designs. They’re fashion forward, but there are also some that are a little bit more classic. It’s kind of a fun twist on the ear stud!

Lastly, I love this, men are embracing diamonds! It’s not enough anymore that you gift the one you love a diamond engagement ring, but the men want to see a little bit of bling in their wedding band, so we’re seeing that take form in many different ways.

Also, something for the groomsmen, we’re looking at cufflinks now, little Forevermark cufflinks are very, very popular.”

Candace Rose: What are some of the unique destinations millennials are opting to hold their weddings?

Adelaide Polk-Bauman: “Well, millennials are known for being creative, but also very smart. They’re choosing these locations that are destinations that actually come with the full package requiring very little decor to them – so think castles (romantic castles indoors), but also outdoors like the midwest, beautiful sunset over mountains – fun and amazing. Lots of outdoor sort of places, think caves, tree tops, tree houses and of course the typical beach, but it’s really running the gamut of breathtaking places for a backdrop for all of the social media photos that take place, as we know on the wedding day.”

Candace Rose: Are there any other wedding trends we need to know about?

Adelaide Polk-Bauman: “Well, of course it’s the digital age, so embracing high tech gadgets – we’re seeing a lot of that crop up on the registries, personalizing the home. We’re seeing a lot of recycled materials made into home goods and into art.

The best resource for diamond and bridal wedding day trends and tips would be”


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