Today’s Homeowner Danny Lipford’s Two Days To Curb Appeal Spring Cleaning and Home Improvement Tips!

When it comes to cleaning, I’m usually the type that likes to put it off until it has to be done, but I must say after conducting my recent interview with Today’s Homeowner host Danny Lipford, I’m eager to start spring cleaning now! Never have I been so excited to clean windows, wash my siding and get my dock ready for spring/summer! If you’re looking to update the look of your home, or do a little spring cleaning in less time, you’re in luck; these are just a few of the top home improvement topics Danny and I chatted about in our recent interview. Please be sure to watch the video below for details.



Today's Homeowner host Danny Lipford joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss his top two days to curb appeal home improvement and spring cleaning tips!

Today’s Homeowner host Danny Lipford joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss his top two days to curb appeal home improvement and spring cleaning tips!



Candace Rose: What can we do to improve the front of our homes with limited time and money this spring?

Danny Lipford: “You can be amazed at what you can do with just a couple days and about a thousand dollars. Recently, Candace we did this great project with these really nice homeowners on an older house that really needed our help. It looked pretty aged, pretty old, but we made a big difference in doing the driveway, painting the front door, redoing some of the ironwork with a more pleasant color and then we made a big statement in the gable area and actually covering up the old red wood that was there with a unique simulated cedar shake from Royal Building Products. And then we accented the front of the house with some vinyl shutters, it just really worked well.

Anytime that you can cover any high maintenance area outside your home with a low maintenance vinyl siding, it really does make a lot of sense. Vinyl siding has changed a lot, especially with Royal Building Products. Their brand new line called Estate does such a good job at simulating the actual woodgrain. This is made in such a way that if it’s installed properly it can withstand up to 180 mph winds, and a good quality vinyl siding like this it won’t bend and it won’t split and it won’t crack. It’s a great way to have this installed on the outside of your home. Of course, this is a larger project – this isn’t a weekend project, but certainly something to consider because after it’s on your house the only maintenance you really have to do is to keep it clean.”


Candace Rose: Another thing homeowners are faced with is spring cleaning. Do you have any tips that you can share with us?

Danny Lipford: “The same homeowners I was just speaking of really embraced a brand new tool we found out about from Hyde. It’s called the PivotPro, and they absolutely love the PivotPro water wand because they were able to put their cleaner in the reservoir and then spray it right out of the adjustable nozzle so that you can apply your cleaner right to the siding, and then change to one of the attachments brushes that are available both in the nylon, as well as the softer nylon. Everyone hates cleaning the windows so the microfiber type of attachment allows you to clean any of the glass or even your car or boat that you may have around the house (please see video above for details on the various attachments). Hyde has all of this in an assortment pack that costs less than $50. It’s a great way to clean, but the important thing about cleaning all the surfaces on the outside of your home , do it on a regular basis. Don’t put it off and let it build up because that’s when it gets to be a really big job.”



Candace Rose: What are some other inexpensive ways you have found to improve the look of your home?

Danny Lipford: “Stand back at the curb and really look at your house and try to identify some of the eyesores that you can correct very easily. Maybe it’s an old oxidized light fixture that you can replace for $15 or $20 or maybe it’s a little more paint here and there or sometimes you’ll find a unique situation like we found where the foundation on this house really needed some help. For some reason when they built it, they just turned the block sideways to provide ventilation in the crawl space. We thought it would look a lot better by taking a simple soffit vent – it only cost a couple dollars. I used some heavy duty construction adhesive from my friends at Titebond to attach it to the wall which minimized the amount of screws I needed. Then we painted it with the same color as the vinyl siding, and it just tied everything together. You would never think just simply painting a small amount of foundation wall would make such a difference, but it incorporated those colors both high and low and really made a big difference. But painting again, like so many things around the house can certainly make a big difference for very little investment and time or labor. You want to make sure you calk and seal all the cracks.

Candace, if you’re working outside your house and maybe you’re doing a little wood repair here and there, or maybe you’re getting ambitious and building those nice adirondack chairs for the back deck, remember the legendary Titebond wood glue is great for any outdoor project to really make it stronger and last as long as it should last.”


Candace Rose: It seems that everyone is ready to attack their yard and plant plants everywhere this spring. How should they approach this part of the project? 

Danny Lipford: “Well, we suggested it to these homeowners and they embraced it and absolutely had a blast in planting some plants around their house because they worked with their family, and they took the whole family to the home center and allowed the kids to buy a couple plants. That was really cool and they came back and planted their plants, put a little mulch around it, did a little watering for it and the kids just had a blast and they were able to feel the gratification that comes along with it improving your home. At the end of the day, they absolutely love the front of their house. I bet those kids will be out there every day watering those plants to make sure they grow nice and strong. These are some great ways to improve the front of your house without breaking the bank and you don’t have to do it all in two days, just do it as the time and budget will allow and you’ll really be able to appreciate your house this spring and summer.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Danny. Where can we go for more information?

Danny Lipford: “I’d love for you to drop by our website at”



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