Style Expert George Brescia Dishes On Top Spring Style and Grooming Trends for Men!

Style expert, George Brescia joined me for an interview recently to discuss the top spring style, grooming and lifestyle trends men are loving this season!



Style expert George Brescia joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top fashion, grooming and lifestyle trends for men just in time for summer!

Style expert George Brescia joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top fashion, grooming and lifestyle trends for men just in time for summer!




Candace Rose: What advice do you have for men who aren’t so style savvy?

George Brescia: “Candace, I say keep it simple and keep it easy. I say you’ve got to feel confident, you need to know what you look good in and we want to see you, not necessarily the clothes…so you just look fantastic and show us your personal style.

I’ve got some simple easy trendsĀ for the guys to follow this season. First we start with the face! There’s a facial trend happening, the guys are doing the scruff on the face, they’re doing the close shaved beard, the longer beard, the mustache, the goatee and you’ve got to have the perfect grooming tool for this. Alright, Candace, I am obsessed with this Remington Hyper Series SmartEdge Foil Shaver. This is so cool because Remington is so smart, they have this active hybrid technology that combines the closeness of a foil and the mobility of a rotary. It gives the closeness one pass shave ever and the other thing that I love about this Candace – it really contours the face and goes to those hard to get areas. Also, it’s all about comfort with a shaver. It feels so good on your skin, the guys are loving this! This is my must have of the season for grooming.

Candace, we’re going onto lifestyle, so guys are loving red wine – very sophisticated, very cool. This Yellow Tail Big Bold Red is the choice. The guys love the decadent bold flavor of this wine. It’s so great when you’re grilling – you’ve got the steaks going, you’ve got the burgers going, the hot dogs, the guys have their red wine and they love it. And you know what, Candace? My single guys are coming to see their lady friends with the red wine and the girls love it. Plus, I say if you want to be a sophisticate and you’re going to someone’s house for a party or a brunch, you bring this Yellow Tail – they love it.

I love this athleisure trend! It mixes athletic wear with street wear and we call it athleisure. We’re seeing the fitted sweatpant, cool t-shirts mixed with blazers, but here’s the piece to have – these black and white leather tennis sneakers are fabulous. I went to an event the other night on a red carpet, I wore a black cotton suit and I wore these black and white tennis sneakers, a white shirt, a white pocket square, I slicked back my hair and it looked cool and modern. Guys are doing it with dress pants, jeans, it’s great going into spring and summer with shorts, it really dresses it up and it doesn’t look too casual, it just gives it a really cool hip and modern look.

We’ve got the face, we’ve got the lifestyle, we’ve got the footwear for the cool factor – you’re all set!

Candace, if you want more tips and a lot of guys like this too, my book “Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life Because You Can’t Go Naked” talks about the secret language of clothing and having a closet full of 10s, so you go into your closet in the morning, pull something out and because you’ve worked hard you know that it’s the right color, the right silhouette and you start the day with confidence. You’re all set for the season!”


Candace Rose: Where can people go to find your book?

George Brescia: “You can go to and you can go to Barnes & Noble as well.”





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