George To The Rescue Host George Oliphant’s Spring Home Improvement Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home decor! If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous patio furniture, trendy chairs, fabulous pillows and more at great prices, you’re in luck. LXTV’s George To The Rescue host, George Oliphant joined me for an interview this morning to dish his top spring home improvement and home decor tips and trends.


George To The Rescue host George Oliphant joined Candace Rose for an interview on Thursday, April 23rd to share his top spring home improvement tips and the top trends in home decor!

George To The Rescue host George Oliphant joined Candace Rose for an interview on Thursday, April 23rd to share his top spring home improvement tips and the top trends in home decor!



Candace Rose: What is the latest when it comes to do it yourself trends?

George Oliphant: “Well, right now is the time to get psyched for the outdoors, to spruce up your patio, your porch, your deck – wherever you’re going to be hanging out this summer, you really want to make it pop. The way to get decor ideas is from At Home, the home decor superstore. They literally have anything and everything under the sun from traditional to modern and everything in between. If you’re looking at what we’ve got on set from the Coastal Collection, the white wicker chair (please see video above for details). It literally just screams serenity. You sit on it and immediately you relax, and your worries just go to the wayside.

If you’re looking for more of a conversation piece with a real pop of color, you might want to go with a versatile decorative metal chair. I’m a big fan of these. I love the pops of color and I also like that they’re very durable and resistant. Let’s say the kids get them all muddy or spill food on it – what have you. You just spray them off and you’re good to go. You can have them indoors, you can have them outdoors and again, you can match colors and styles – really whatever you want. They have more than 10,000 different combos all under one roof. The fact that they have 65 patio cushion styles alone, I think speaks for itself. When you’re there you’re going to find anything and everything you’re looking for. All 50,000 of their products are on their shelves. Best of all everything is going to be at an everyday low price.

I get the question a lot because it’s kind of a new store – ‘At Home, where do I find it?’ Well, the online store locator, it will tell you exactly where the closest At Home is. Go over there, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”



Candace Rose: Do you have any additional advice for those of us who are looking for cost effective ways to spruce things up around the house?

George Oliphant: “One of the best ways to spruce up the inside of your house without busting the bank is to switch out your shower head. People don’t realize that you can do that without calling a plumber. Just like you don’t call an electrician to switch out a lightbulb, you don’t call a plumber to switch out a shower head. You literally just unscrew it, throw away the old one, screw on the new one and you’re going to be amazed at just the change in water pressure and the experience just because your old shower head is probably a little clogged up from who knows what’s coming through your pipes. It’s a good idea to switch out your shower head every two years anyways.

What we’ve got here is the Moen’s new Attract shower head Magnetix. What’s awesome about it is you have this innovative powerful magnet dock. With the old showers you had to find the plastic dock, it’s kind of hard and it just slips out, the shower falls on the ground – it’s like a wild snake just spraying water all over your bathroom. Now with one hand you just throw it up on the dock, and it’s also super versatile. If you’re tall or you’re short or if you’re sitting in the shower or if you’re like me, I’ve got three kids and a dog trying to wash whoever it is, and then all of a sudden someone’s getting frisky – throw it up, take them out. You don’t have to worry about the shower head being unruly. It’s got six different dials, so whether you’re tired and sore and you want a Waterpik massage or if you’re looking for something nice, soft and subtle, it’s got either and everything in between. I’m a big fan of this Moen shower head and of course I love the dock. You can find these at Home Depot. They come in chrome and the exclusive spot resist brushed nickel.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any other tips to help us get the house in tip top shape for spring?

George Oliphant: “Just that right now is the season to tackle your outdoors, your curb appeal. You want to do your raking, you want to patch those little holes in the grass with some seed. You want to make sure that you trim back your bushes, you plant your flowers, deal with anything that may have been damaged over the winter from the storms and what have you. If it’s a gutter or whatever it is, you want to tackle that right now.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, George. Where can we go for more information?

George Oliphant: “For more information check out”





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