Tech Expert Mario Armstrong Shares Spring 2015 Essential Tech, Apps & Games

With spring officially upon us, tech expert Mario Armstrong joined me for an interview this morning to dish on his essential tech, apps and games this season. If you’re on the hunt for a new mouse for your personal computer, a great waterproof Bluetooth speaker, fun games for the gamer in your life, and much more, you’ll love Mario’s spring 2015 tech essentials!



Technology expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on his essential tech tech, apps and games for spring 2015!

Technology expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on his essential tech tech, apps and games for spring 2015!




Candace Rose: What’s new and exciting in personal computer accessories?

Mario Armstrong: “Candace, right off the bat you should have a really good mouse. Not only one that’s ergonomic, but one that you can customize to really make it special for you. Logitech is the leader in computer accessories, everybody knows its name – you want to check out the MX Master wireless mouse. I love this guy! All the buttons, scroll wheel, everything on the side can be customized so that you can perform tasks and navigation the way you want to. On the bottom what’s really neat is you can change how many devices that you’re controlling from one mouse. I can control up to three different devices – my laptop, my desktop, maybe even my tablet all from one mouse giving me really great precision and accuracy when I’m navigating the web or just doing anything on my computer.”


Candace Rose: Are there any new apps that make shopping more efficient?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, absolutely. The problem with apps is that there are millions of them out there, so there’s too many to choose from. I’ve been filtering and bumped into Favado. It’s a free app to download, it’s going to give you rock bottom prices at over 65,000 grocery and drugstores. Places like Whole Foods, Walmart, Target – all the places you would regularly go to. What happens with the app is that experts do all of the work behind the scenes. They curate the best deals for you. On your mobile device all you do is pull it up, look at the discounts, look at the images to see which one you want to take advantage of and there’s a lot of unadvertised discounts and deals that show up in the app as well.

They also have a really cool feature that’s called Trending Sales at Favorite Stores. This is crowdsourced by others, meaning if a lot of other people are clicking on a particular discount, you can see which discount is trending – which one is really hot and whether you should take advantage of that as well.”


Candace Rose: What’s new in audio?

Mario Armstrong: “I’ve got something that’s so fun and cool! I get Bluetooth wireless speaker fatigue – I get a ton of speakers sent to me to review all the time, and I’ve got to tell you this one I’m excited about. It’s made by Monster, and it’s called the Superstar BackFloat. It’s perfect for the spring and summer time. It actually floats in water in the pool. You can take it with you to the beach, it’s very rugged. Kids are going to love it, parents are going to love it because it’s really indestructible pretty much, and has quality sound.”


Candace Rose: Do you have anything new for gamers?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, I do. I’m a big superheroes fan, and I’m so excited that Marvel has come out with a mobile game, it’s called Marvel Mighty Heroes by DeNA. This is a really cool game where you get to play with all your iconic superstar heres like Spiderman, Captain America, Thor and more. What’s really cool is multiple people can play at the same time, so it’s a cooperative mobile game. Up to four people can play on their devices and you guys can be battling against each other, knocking out those enemies. The graphics look great, it’s a lot of fun and it’s a free download for Apple and Android.”
Candace Rose: What do you have for those with personal finances on their minds?

Mario Armstrong: “For those that are really concerned about money, whether it’s for your taxes or your small business or taking  care of that family budget, whatever it is you want to make sure that you have the right calculators to get the job done, so Casio has you covered with two great calculators – the HR-8TM Plus and the HR 100TM. Both of these calculators are under $20. Both models have great input keys, I love the big keys because it’s so accurate. I love the big readout display, as well as the printer portion of it and all the command functions and special command functions that you need for all your complicated calculations, which can get done on that as well.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything new for mobile security?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, things are always changing in mobile security, and people need to protect their device. Let me tell you, if you lose your device or if you lose your images, all your personal and sensitive data, it’s a big deal. It’s almost worse than losing your wallet these days, so you want to protect it and I want to recommend for all you Android users out there – if you have family and friends that maybe on an Android device, tell them to download 360 Security. It’s a free app, it gives you total piece of mind. It has features in it like Find My Phone in case it gets lost or stolen. You can wipe it clean, as well as performance features such as extending the battery life. It’s a really smart app that protects and gives you better performance all right there for your Android phone.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “We talked about a lot and some of these things have different colors and different variations, so I want you to go to the website and get all the details. Our website is”


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