Fitness Expert Laura DeAngelis Shares Top Fitness Trends and Tips for Spring 2015

Are you looking to get fit and in shape for spring 2015? If so, you’re in luck! Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined me for an interview this morning to dish on the hottest fitness trends for spring, she also shared tips and tools on how we can make fitness fun and great ways we can freshen up our fitness routine.


Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top fitness trends and must haves for spring 2015!

Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the top fitness trends and must haves for spring 2015!

Candace Rose: What are the hottest fitness trends we’re seeing for spring?

Laura DeAngelis: “One thing that is great about the springtime is it’s time to take the action outside. So many of us just survived a long harsh winter – one of the worst in recent memory. Get out there and soak up the extra sunlight, maybe take an extra long walk with your spouse or a friend in your neighborhood after you get home from work, go ahead and join a softball league. Just get out there to burn the calories and really enjoy getting into the great outdoors.”



Candace Rose: Are there tools we can use to make fitness fun and that will keep us moving?

Laura DeAngelis: “Absolutely. One thing I tell everyone in the springtime is it’s the perfect opportunity to spruce up your fitness wardrobe which of course includes your accessories. Go ahead and toss those sweaty t-shirts, stock up on some new and bright colored tanks, maybe a fun pair of cross trainers. The great thing about this spring is we have technology that can also brighten things up a bit because we have something new.

The LG G Flex2 comes in the exclusive volcano red on Sprint and the platinum silver on US Cellular. This smartphone got a whole ton of buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I’ll tell you what, the brilliant clarity that you get to see on the 5.5 inch curved full HD OLED screen makes it easy to see why. What’s really about this Candi is if you want to check out either fitness apps or a fitness video to get some exercise ideas or check your form, they’re going to look really great on this screen. The other cool thing is if you like to take some pictures, document spring coming in and also document your fitness and what you’re doing and the progress that you’re making, there’s a 13 megapixel camera on this smartphone. The memories that you capture from the spring of 2015 are going to be really, really beautiful.”


Candace Rose: What are some other ways we can freshen up our fitness routine?

Laura DeAngelis: “The one thing I like to tell people again, is to make sure that you like what you do. You have to find an activity you’re going to stick with whether it’s swimming or running, weightlifting, taking certain classes – if you like what you’re doing it’ll definitely happen.

The other thing I also tell people is get fitness on your schedule, and I mean that literally…write it down. Whether you’re planning it into your smartphone as a task for the day or if you’re old school like me and you want to write it on a calendar or put it on a sticky note on the fridge. Put a visual reminder up so that you can absolutely get that affirmation that you’re doing something good for yourself.

The last tip I’d say is with the change of seasons, unfortunately this is the time where people still come down with a cold. We don’t live in a bubble, so you’re surrounded by those germs, you may pick up that same cold and if you don’t want to be sidelined a minute longer than you have to, I also recommend keeping Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu quick melts. They’re formulated with zinc gluconate, that’s going to shorten the duration of your cold. They also contain elderberry, peppermint and licorice which will help relieve your cold symptoms including the sore throat, the cough, the chest congestion, so again the idea is you can just get back in the game as quickly as possible.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Laura DeAngelis: “You can check out or you can get some tips on my blog at”







  1. March 25, 2015 / 11:06 am

    Hi Candi! Thanks for a great interview and for featuring me on your website! I wish you a happy and healthy spring ahead!

    • March 25, 2015 / 6:38 pm

      Hi Laura! Thank you for the wonderful interview, it’s always a pleasure chatting with you! I can’t wait to try your helpful fitness tips this weekend. Thank you, I’m wishing you the same. 🙂

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