Mom Approved Health and Wellness Strategies with Parenting Expert Audrey McClelland, Co-Founder of Mom Generations

We may be nearing the end of February, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods in terms of cold and flu! Winter is still very much upon us, especially this year. If you’re searching for various ways you can keep your family healthy, especially your children, you’re in luck. Parenting expert and Mom Generations co-founder, Audrey McClelland joined me for an interview this morning to dish on her favorite mom approved health and wellness strategies.



Parenting expert and Moms Generation co-founder Audrey McClelland  joined Candace Rose for an interview on Thursday, February 19th to dish on how moms and dads can keep their families healthy!

Parenting expert and Mom Generations co-founder Audrey McClelland joined Candace Rose for an interview on Thursday, February 19th to dish on how moms and dads can keep their families healthy!

Candace Rose: Do you have any tips on how busy parents on the go can prepare healthy meals for their families?

Audrey McClelland: “Absolutely. Mealtime is the most challenging time. I have five kids, so I definitely know this firsthand. I really want to make sure I’m finding foods that I’m happy giving them healthy options, but also that they’re going to eat as well. We all know Gorton’s fish sticks. They’re iconic, they’ve been around for 60 years. Well, Gorton has reinvented their fish sticks with the new Smart & Crunchy fish sticks, and this is what I love about them – they’re breaded in a panko coating, but they’re always crispy. They have 50% less fat than the regular Gorton’s fish sticks and only 180 calories per serving. Now, they also come in a fillet option as well, so adults and teens can enjoy them for meals and also snack time. The best part is you’re getting seafood on the table, it’s a healthy option and is a great way just to keep a everyone healthy.”


Candace Rose: With cold and flu season upon us, what can parents do to keep their kids from getting sick this winter?

Audrey McClelland: “I feel like in our family we’ve been sick since Christmas. It’s just like dominos and we all go down. I love getting products that moms and dads can use to help shorten the duration of a cold. Cold-EEZE has a new product out right now, it’s called Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief for Cold & Flu QuickMelts. What I love about them is they are QuickMelts, no water needed. They melt right in your mouth and are formulated with zinc gluconate to really help shorten that duration of the cold.

Candi, that’s what it’s all about, that’s what we’re looking for. Any way that you can shorten the cold, and they also contain elderberry, peppermint and licorice which is really going to help relieve those cold and flu symptoms like chest congestion or a sore throat or a cough. A lot of moms and dads out there want to know is that something that my children can use? They can if they are 12 and older, that’s the recommended age.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else that parents can do to keep their family healthy and well this season?

Audrey McClelland: “I’ve always felt that by staying active, by staying fit, it’s also a great way to keep your family healthy. My husband and I always try to make sure we’re working out fairly consistently, but most important our children, too. Rather than just having them on the couch watching TV and playing video games, my children are on a swim team, they play basketball. I have my daughter in gymnastics, she’s 18 months. I try to do the best I can. I think that it keeps their energy up, it keeps them excited and it keeps them healthy.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Audrey McClelland: “Absolutely.¬†For more information you can check out You can also check my website out”







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