How To Throw An Elegant Oscar Party With Lifestyle Expert, Sissy Biggers

The 87th annual Academy Awards are just a week away, and Hollywood is buzzing about what movie will take home the Oscar for best picture, and whether or not Bradley Cooper will win the Academy Award for Best Actor! While I wish I was in Los Angeles to attend the award show, I personally can’t wait to watch the Oscars in the comfort of my home with a few great friends and delicious food. If you’re looking to plan the perfect Oscar party with your family and friends, you’re in luck! Lifestyle expert, Sissy Biggers joined me for an interview this week to share the secret to planning the perfect Oscar party, delicious food that’s perfect for the evening, and how you can enter to win $10,000 towards an elegant Oscar party or fab soiree of your choice.



Lifestyle expert, Sissy Biggers joined Candace Rose for an interview to share the secret to planning the perfect elegant Oscar party with delicious food!

Lifestyle expert, Sissy Biggers joined Candace Rose for an interview to share the secret to planning the perfect elegant Oscar party with delicious food!


Candace Rose: With the Oscars nearly upon us, what’s the secret to planning the perfect Oscar party?

Sissy Biggers: “Well, Candace Rose the secret is it’s a busy weekend for busy moms, the next day is a school or work day, so you want to keep it simple. You want it to be casual, delicious, but also elegant, so my secret is I’m building my party around ‘starring rolls’ – that would be the King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls as the basics for all of these wonderful sliders and different sandwich flavors to create a really simple pickup party you can put right out in front of the television. Taking advantage of the ready made opportunities at the supermarket – red already roasted peppers on grilled chicken, topped with a little star cut out of pineapple, which is a great complement to the sweetness of the roll. Here I’ve got a seafood or a lobster salad for my tuxedo roll (please see video above for details) again, easy, a different flavor, and again elegant for your party.

What I’m calling my best ‘supporting roll’ is my dip. I’ve hollowed out my King’s Hawaiian Original round bread and loaded it with a Greek Tzatziki, which is a yogurt based garlic, cucumber, dill – really a yummy fresh dip with some toasted chunks of the bread, which really hold up beautifully and add a great complement to any kind of a savory dip.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else we can do to ensure our Oscar party is elegant and fun?

Sissy Biggers: “I think the elegance, especially for those of us that have that busy weekend at hand is to let everybody come casual – denim with some fake diamonds. My sister said she’s going to wear her pajamas and pearls, I said I’m all about it. You want it to be fun and comfortable and have everybody do a little something to give it that touch of elegance.

Also, take advantage of your party store, I picked up these inexpensive top hats and I’m going to load these up with already popped organic popcorn from my supermarket and let everybody have their own top hat full of popcorn as the evening begins. Our attention goes straight to that red carpet and onto the stage.”


Candace Rose: I heard that viewers can enter to win $10,000!

Sissy Biggers: “Yes, at Thanks to King’s Hawaiian you could be hosting a $10,000 Oscar party or other occasion of your choice. It’s a great site, it’s gotten so much attention with this opportunity to win $10,000 so go sign up at where you’ll also get some great entertaining ideas there as well.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Sissy Biggers: “The most important thing is to also have everybody bring something. Let everybody bring whatever it is they want to drink, so they can all bring in their own bottles or cans or whatever it is and that’s one less thing you have to lug from the supermarket.”


Candace Rose: Thank you for the great tips, Sissy. Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned? 

Sissy Biggers: “”





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