SpotBowl’s Dave Shoffner Talks Super Bowl 2015 Ads: Anheuser Busch Lost Puppy, GoDaddy, Lindsay Lohan, Pierce Brosnan and More!

On Sunday, February 1st, millions of sports fans and non-sports fans alike will enjoy an evening of NFL football, Katy Perry and commercials. The 2015 Super Bowl is sure to be a memorable one with the defending champion Seattle Seahawks taking on the New England Patriots in Glendale, Arizona, and of course the Anheuser Busch ads which never cease to pull at our heartstrings! Earlier this week I had a chance to speak with advertising expert, Dave Shoffner of SpotBowl for our fourth annual interview to discuss the winning and losing Super Bowl ads, Lindsay Lohan, Pierce Brosnan’s celeb cameo, Anheuser Busch, GoDaddy and much more!


Pavone Advertising’s Dave Shoffner gives a sneak peek of the top Super Bowl ads! Image courtesy of

Pavone Advertising’s Dave Shoffner joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the 2015 Super Bowl ads!  Image courtesy of




Candace Rose: What’s the secret to creating the perfect Super Bowl ad in 2015? 

Dave Shoffner: “It all comes down to entertainment. A good ad has to entertain viewers, either by making them laugh, or feel patriotic, or sentimental. It has to evoke an emotion. But more importantly, the ad has to place the brand at the center of that story and make sure people remember the brand when they’re talking about the commercial around the water cooler the next day.”

Candace Rose: We always look forward to the Anheuser Busch commercials during the Super Bowl! Can you give us any details about this year’s ad?

Dave Shoffner: “Anheuser Busch has three-and-a-half minutes of air time this year. That’s down slightly from the usual four or five minutes they usually buy, but they’re definitely making the most of the time they’ve got in this year’s game.

The biggest spot will be a sequel to last year’s SpotBowl champion “Puppy Love” ad, which featured a puppy being reunited with his Clydesdale friend after being sold. In this year’s ad, the puppy will go missing, and the Clydesdale will help find it.”

Candace Rose: Are there any celebrities that are making cameos this year? 

Dave Shoffner: “This year’s celebrity lineup isn’t as strong as past years, but it has a few highlights. We’ll see former James Bond  actor Pierce Brosnan for Kia. Kia doesn’t really seem like a 007 car, but maybe that’s the point. We’ll also see Danica Patrick in a GoDaddy spot. It’ll be her 14th Super Bowl commercial, which is a record.

Kia: The Perfect Getaway Season 2015. Pierce Brosnan prepares for his latest action-packed, high octane role.

Kia: The Perfect Getaway Season 2015. Pierce Brosnan prepares for his latest action-packed, high octane role.

We’re also hearing rumors that the queen of auto accidents, Lindsay Lohan, will appear in an ad for Esurance. They haven’t confirmed that the ad will air in the Super Bowl, but it’s a pretty safe assumption. If it does, it’ll be the leading story among celebrity cameos in this year’s game.”

Candace Rose: GoDaddy usually has an outrageous ad during the Super Bowl. How do you think they’ll fare?

Dave Shoffner: “GoDaddy released their spot earlier this week, and I was intrigued by their decision to abandon their old formula of creating risqué ads (good riddance, I say). After watching the ad, I was definitely underwhelmed.

The spot features a lost Golden Retriever puppy finding his way home to the open arms of a woman who exclaims, “I’m so glad you made it home … because I just sold you on this website I built with GoDaddy.”

It’s not outrageous, but it’s not really funny, either. And it’s also caused quite a stir in certain dog breeder circles for its callous and irresponsible portrayal of breeders. The backlash has even inspired a petition urging GoDaddy to pull the ad.”

Candace Rose:  What ads do you think we’ll be talking about on Monday morning?

Dave Shoffner: “I think Anheuser-Busch’s “Puppy Love” sequel will have people talking, even though the formula isn’t new for them. The Lindsay Lohan Esurance spot – if it airs during the game – is another spot with lots of buzz potential. Unfortunately, we’ll probably also be talking about the GoDaddy ad, but for all the wrong reasons.”

Lindsay Lohan will be making a celebrity cameo in Super Bowl Sunday's Esurance ad. Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan. Image courtesy of

Lindsay Lohan will be making a celebrity cameo in Super Bowl Sunday’s Esurance ad. Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan. Image courtesy of

Candace Rose: Everyone is talking about Deflate Gate! Do you think it will have any effect on ads? 

Dave Shoffner: “Not likely, although it would be great to see an advertiser pull a quick turnaround by airing a Deflate Gate-related spot. I don’t think that will happen, but a guy can dream, right?”

Candace Rose: Can you tell us about SpotBowl? 

Dave Shoffner: “We’re an advertising agency called Pavone, and we created SpotBowl 12 years ago because we wanted to know what people really thought about the Super Bowl commercials. Since then, it’s grown into America’s largest Super Bowl commercial poll, attracting votes each year from all 50 states.”

Candace Rose:  Where can viewers go for more information?

Dave Shoffner: “Go to! There’s lots to do on the site before the game, including the most comprehensive pre-game Super Bowl commercial lineup on the internet (thanks to our team of SpotBowl researchers).

More importantly, you can visit the site as soon as the game starts to watch any ads you might have missed and vote for your favorites. The polls will remain open until Monday, February 2 at 2 p.m. EST, when we’ll announcement the winners. (HINT: GoDaddy probably won’t be one of them.)”


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