How Scion Drives Innovation By Supporting Indie Music

Scion is not just an outstanding brand of vehicle by the Toyota Motor Corporation that gets us to and from work and out and about on the weekend, but Scion AV is also an in-house record company that is helping make the dreams of indie musicians come to life. Believe it or not, but as of today, Scion AV has worked with 2, 246 musical artists and they have filmed 582 artist interviews which have over 1.2 million views as well!

Scion has also produced 121 music videos and the Scion AV Youtube page has over 17 million views. In this day and age that we’re living in, it’s all about the viral video, which has the power to change the lives of talented artists and musicians almost immediately. Don’t you just love Scion and how they’re helping musicians make their lifelong dreams come true?

They’ve worked with legendary rock bands like Slayer, Motorhead, rapper Ghostface Killah, record producer RZA, Atlanta rockers Mastodon, electro house musician Steve Aoki and DJ Prince Paul to name just a few. Since 2003 Scion has been “staunch supporters of hip hop and breakdancing” and according to Scion they’ll continue to support underground music and art as long as they’re in business.”


Scion AV Infographic

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